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So i arrived in NYC on my sole adventure around the US of A. It was a bit surreal been all them miles away from home and not a clue on how to get to my hostel. I entered the bustling streets near Madison Square Gardens to a barrage of rain and clammy weather (clutching my pocket map of course). It took me a while but i finally found my hostel. Over the next few days i visited some wonderful places including Empire state Building, Statue of Liberty and Central Park, as well as venturing out of America and into Toronto, Canada to see the magnificent Niagara Falls.

Central Park itself is huge, and when you see it on a pocket map of NYC you can see it take over in the middle. I sat down in lush surroundings watching a kids game of baseball, and that is where i developed a slight love of the game (although it's no football.

...or soccer if you like). The tour of the Statue of Liberty was nice, i say nice because i only went on a tour that stopped near to it and there was some annoying family screaming in my earhole for the duration. And for my last night i thought i better check out the observatory deck on the Empire State Building, someones got to, right? And i wasnt disappointed, it was a fantastic view of the City and could see down to where the WTC used to be and even over to New Jersey (although, then thats not very far away).

Then to the station the next day to try and get hold of a 60 day greyhound pass. I found out before i visited the US that i could get hold of one of these for £370 GBP.......and considering you can travel whenever you like all over the US, Canada and part of Mexico i thought this was great value.

Don't get me wrong, it really WAS, but some of the people you meet on them can be quite, let's say, "special"......and the service at times ( lets say 95% of the time) "special........(and by "special" i dont talk positively). And i took advantage of it straight away, travelling north through New York state, through Buffalo to Toronto, to see what these waterfalls were all about.

I arrived off of the bus in Toronto and got a transit bus to Niagara, a nice quaint little village. There were a few different options available to me when deciding how to view the falls, i could have either viewed from a carriage on a zip line, by foot over the many lookouts, or by the "Maid of the mist" boat tour. I decided to take the latter option, and at £7 GBP was an absolute bargain, by far the most amazing thing i have ever done/seen in my life, absolutely breathtaking!!!!!! You board the boat and it literally takes you along past the American Falls, to the famous Horseshoe Falls which pound you with it's mist, and the sound of these metres in front of you is quite unbelievable.

It was soon July 4th, and Independance off to Washington DC to join the locals celebrate.

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John Lennons old stomping ground
John Lennons old stomping ground
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New York
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