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Before I begin I would like to give a warm thanks to Brian who encouraged me through his Blog and correspondence to keep my own blog.  It was through him and FaceBook (look me up, Nicole Rubin) that I came across this site.  I must say, only having been on for 1 day everyone has been so welcoming and friendly it only adds to the excitement of my trip!  Please feel free to follow my blog..I will try to be as interesting as possible.  Hopefully helpful to some as well! 
I am 31, in May I will be 32....every one of those years has been spent living in NY with sporadic travels like teases of the big world out there that I yearn to see. I tend to feel trapped in NY, the monotony of work and home has been getting to me.
Alex's new Yant
  I dream daily of picking up and just walking out of my office and straight to the airport without looking back!  There have been times where I have almost cracked and that is usually when I book a trip to go somewhere...hence my trip to Thailand...and oh what a trip it will be!!!!!  It was the perfect year to decide to go too because there is a FULL MOON ON NYE!!! At this point I cannot guarantee my return to NY;  I may be loving it so much.With our tickets purchased only the count down remains...Since I have joined TravBuddy I have met a bunch of wanderer's like myself...self-proclaimed nomads...I think it is amazing!  I plan on meeting up with as many people as I can on my trip and having a blast.  I love to experience new cultures and plan on enjoying ever single second that I will be there.
My new Yant
I will be traveling with my girl friend from High School Alexandra.  We had not spoken in a while till we reconnected on FaceBook but since our reunion have been hanging out like we never parted.  She is an adventurer and travel lover like me so we get along great together!!!
As of now we have booked the following:Plane tickets to Bangkok, layover in Tokyo.  Not looking forward to the 15 hours flight but what can one do?!Plane tickets to Koh Samui, we figured that we need to get down south as quickly as possible, and for $120 USD we figured saving the 8 hours on the train was well worth the money.  We will also probably fly to Chiang Mai but that we will figure out once we get there.A hotel on Koh Samui called the Lamia Inn 99.  We will stay there for the New Year since we could not find anything on Phangan.
  I was assured by several people that it was fine to be there because they have speed boats to and fro going all night long.  We will probably be party-ing on the beach all night anyway so it should be OK.  Alex and I just wanted to make sure we had a roof over our heads and a secure place for our belongings while we drink pails of alcohol and dance till dawn!  - Just a side note for booking a hotel from across the planet...people who do not speak English tend to think that us - "foreigners" will leave them alone if they repeat EXACTLY what we say and add the word "ok" at the end....so my call for the hotel went something like this...
me: "Can I get to the Full Moon Party on Phangan from Kho Sumuai?"woman on phone: "Full Moon Party? - ok"me: "Can I get there from the hotel and back at anytime?"woman on phone: "Get back anytime? - ok.
Needless to say that this went on for a little bit..I finally figured it out by speaking with someone else who was fluent in English but it was a bit frustrating at first.  I tend to get this a lot from people who can not speak English..I wonder if this is a response that is taught to everyone who needs to reply to someone who does not speak the same language as someone else...usually accompanied by a smile.  ok? :-)

From now till we leave, I will be looking for points of interest around Thailand as well as making a list of items to take with me.  I want to pack light because I hear that you don't need much there..plus since we will be moving around I want to be able to go quickly.  I am thinking a backpack will be the best bet!  I wanted to take a laptop but I do not want to take a chance of losing or breaking my beloved Macbook Pro.
:-/  I was looking into getting a netbook...any thoughts?
Hope to hear from anyone interested in travel and meeting new people.  My intention with this blog is to provide some light enjoyable reading...please let me know if I succeeded!  Looking forward to speaking with you soon and look for more about my trip on my blog.
inspiredthought says:
Enjoyed your blog. I can identify with much of it.

Safe travels, and see you at the FMP.
Posted on: Dec 06, 2009
David says:
Welcome to TravBuddy, have fun on your trip =)
Posted on: Dec 02, 2009
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Alexs new Yant
Alex's new Yant
My new Yant
My new Yant
Zip Lines in Chiang Mai
Zip Lines in Chiang Mai
CHANG! Nuff said!
CHANG! Nuff said!
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