'All good things come to an end' or 'All good things come in the end'

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The season of Winter is where the circle of a long year full of delightful and bright moments and sometimes too much business closes. Well, at least here on the northern hemisphere. Therefore the months of Winter make us note how fast time has been flying since Spring - does the sand in this natural hourglass tickles quicker from year to year? ... Anyway, Winter is mostly associated with the jolly and very special time of Christmas here in Germany. A fact that makes it a whole lot easier to face the weeks of too short days, no doubt about that.


As always when it comes to a certain showdown the nation's splitted so to say. There are those who love this frosty season with all its beauty of crispy mornings and sparkling snowflakes including the grand joy of going skiing and ice-skating.

 The one man's meat is another man's poison - there are all the 'summer persons' who detest cold feet, hundreds of layers of clothes and gloominess. ... However, whether Winter fan or not you have to live with this season unless you are a lucky devil who owns a second home in the Caribbean.  


The warmth of Christmas spreads either an additional spark of happiness (if you're a Winter person) or the one and only spark of hope (if you don't prefer Winter at all). Oh, just in case you're both a Winter and Christmas despiser you should stay in bed from November to February - an extensively hibernation's highly recommended then.  


Back to Christmas now: Of course, it's always told that Christmas is the time of peace and contemplation but it that totally true?

There are all those atmospheric activities as making trays over trays of sweet cookies with the kids, listening to heaps of carols, eating half a ton of cotton candy at the Christmas market, writing Christmas cards, decorating everything (and everyone) you're able to grab, sending amazingly long letter to Santa Claus, ... But what about Mum's struggle (with a way to heavy guy) for the last toy at the mall? What about Dad who has to camp in the deep forest for half a week 'cause he got lost while looking for the most precious Christmas tree ever? Not to mention the kiddies whose indigestion caused by too many candied almonds and marzipan is so bad that they swear they'll never ever taste the tiniest piece of gingerbread again? ... I guess every family has to tell two or three of those common 'How-this year's-Christmas-time-became-a-disaster' story but nevertheless most of us won't miss this time of Winter at all. ... By the way, could you repeat the statement about 'peace and contemplation' once more, please?


Since the first Sunday in Advent has already passed (quite early this year) and the first candle on our Advent wreath was lit the official Christmas countdown can't be stopped anymore. ... 
There are countless of pretty Christmas markets all over the place where you can find nicely carved Chrismas decorations, heaps of fun-filled activities to do with family and friends, happy traditions to revive, ... just more than enough good reasons to travel around and gather as many fantastic and long-lasting impressions as possible!
sylviandavid says:
What a fun and heart warming blog... I don't have any experience with "winter" but I know I love Christmas!!! Great read. sylvia
Posted on: Feb 25, 2010
Africancrab says:
Sehr Schoen, thanks for sharing, well written
Posted on: Dec 23, 2009
dahling says:
Süper schöne Fötös ;)
Posted on: Dec 23, 2009
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