Day 10, Happy Anniversary

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First glance this morning: a rainbow. How lucky is that?

Today, fifteen years ago, I asked Jacomien if she would be my girlfriend. We'd been dating for a while, denying anything was going on between us, but on 20 November 1994 I thought there was no more denying. So, I popped the question. Fortunately, she said, "yes"! :) It would take another seven years and seven months before we would get married, but try to explain that to a Cuban, LOL.

The day started off with a good luck sign; we saw a rainbow. We were taking it easy in the morning in our room and we were both still dressed in… well, nothing actually, when there was a knock on the door immediately followed by the sound of the door opening. My wife was in the bathroom and I was in the middle of the room doing nothing in particular. I didn't find it necessary for the porter to see us in our Adam and Eve costume, so I hastily put on my swimming trunks.

How they make the beds :)
The man walked in the room, and when he saw me rushing into my shorts, he was startled and looked guilty. He sincerely apologized for his intrusion, and for opening the door so hastily without awaiting our reply. Now, I am bit of a nudist, but I was glad I was quicker putting my shorts on, than he was entering our room. :) Anyway, the purpose of his visit was to deliver a bottle of champagne, courtesy of the hotel. A rainbow and champagne…, this is going to be a good day :)

Earlier this week We had made reservations for dinner tonight and a few days later I went back to the reservations desk to arrange a surprise for Jacomien. Wouldn't it be lovely to have a cake with text as dessert. I explained the reason why I wanted the cake and apparently the lady at the reservations office took note and passed on the information to the management.

The staff had decorated the table in preparation of our arrival
So, now they were treating us champagne :)

The day went by smooth and uneventful, we had a beach day for a change.

In the evening we went to the Conucu Restaurant, traditional Cuban cuisine.

Upon our arrival, we were greeted with the warmest hospitality imaginable and the staff had decorated our table with rose petals for the occasion. How lovely! After a few minutes came our second bottle of champagne of the day, again courtesy of the hotel.

I won't bother you too much with our courses but will tell you this: my traditional Cuban soup, containing potato, pork, beef, chicken and some scarce vegetables was lovely and so was Jacomien her shrimp cocktail with pineapple. Starters were followed by turkey breast with mushroom sauce and rice with black beans for my wife, while I had ½ a grilled lobster.

The dessert looked nice on the menu, but I had arranged the cake of course. My wife was indeed surprised when it came to the table and we both enjoyed it to the fullest. It was a fairly large cake and we wouldn't be able to finish it, so we donated the larger part of our cake to the kitchen and restaurant staff, for having taken such good care of us.

When we walked back to our room, the moon was out. It was the perfect ending of a perfect day.

Sunflower300 says:
Awwww, what a nice day. :)
Posted on: Aug 09, 2010
Sweetski says:
It's etched in my brain, Mark :D
Posted on: Aug 07, 2010
travelman727 says:
Good-luck rainbow, gorgeous woman, great champagne and food food... THIS IS A DAY TO REMEMBER :-D
Posted on: Aug 07, 2010
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First glance this morning: a rainb…
First glance this morning: a rain…
How they make the beds :)
How they make the beds :)
The staff had decorated the table …
The staff had decorated the table…
Still early, not many guests yet.
Still early, not many guests yet.
Hmmm, the second bottle of bubbly …
Hmmm, the second bottle of bubbly…
The cake!
The cake!
The lovely couple, hehehe :)
The lovely couple, hehehe :)
Moon lit night.
Moon lit night.
Playa Pesquero
photo by: Sweetski