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Okay, I am writing this on the plane that takes us to Cuba and officially this is the first day of our vacation. But you know how it goes..., being on board the plane is merely the aftermath of weeks and months of research, preparation and packing of bags. And sometimes the journey to the airport can be quite a challenge too. So, my dear friends, where should this blog start? I'll tell you. In our case it starts with booking. Because before you read about our trip, or see the photos, a little background information has to be given.


It has been a wish for years to go to Cuba. The tropical climate always attracts us and we wanted to see 'the old' Cuba before the US lifts its ban on the island and it will be trampled by herds of American tourists. Mind you, I have nothing against Americans. Among my best friends I count many American. But even they acknowledge the fact one can surely do without a McDonalds at the pyramids or in this case a Pizzahut in Havana. We also wanted to visit Cuba while Fidel Castro, the great leader, was still alive. Personally I think Raoul has made some changes for the better recently, but it goes without saying that no decision is made without the consent of Fidel himself. Mind you, I'm not a communist myself. I am merely intrigued by the various political systems in the world, communism being just one them.


So, Cuba was decided on pretty quickly. Then however, the odious task arose of choosing where to stay in Cuba. As you might have guessed from the previous paragraph, I wanted to see all the culturally interesting things on Cuba. Which would mainly be on the west side of the island. My wife however, opted for a more relaxing vacation as far away from other tourists as possible, which would mean the east of the island. For various reasons we hadn't undertaken a vacation to far away exotic locations for several years now. Not that we're complaining, at least..., I'm not. I went on several short vacations and trips in Europe. A few days, a week sometimes. Plus, yearly I went skiing of course. My wife on the other hand has been rightfully complaining. It is her first real trip in five years. You understand she has a big saying in this particular case. Add to that I have been working my butt of this past year. Hardly any energy is left in my body. I desperately need recharging the old batteries. So, to prevent this long story from becoming even longer; an all-inclusive resort with the possibility of taking excursions became our preferred choice. And since we both love nature and the east of Cuba is known for its natural beauty, east it was :)


After we made the 'east' decision we still had to decide which hotel or resort. Between the two of us we have quite a list of preferences (i.e. no high rises, quiet, green (both garden wise and eco-friendly), not too child-friendly, with a choice of restaurants etc.) and therefore our search for the perfect location was hard and tedious. However, in the end and I might add: only three weeks before our preferred departure date, we found a promising resort. Hotel Play Costa Verde in Playa Pesquero, on the north-eastern coast of Cuba. Hallelujah…, a choice has been made :D

Sweetski says:
Hoi Petra, bedankt voor het compliment :)
Posted on: Feb 23, 2010
Sweetski says:
Thanks Anouk :D
Posted on: Feb 23, 2010
Petra2111 says:
Superblog and photo's Rudolph!!
Posted on: Feb 23, 2010
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