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So I'm getting in to fitness more now.  I'm running a couple miles and hitting the weights three times a week.  I'm showing ok progress, there has been just one thing holding me back, that addictive black cancer stick of death.  Yes, I guess technically I'm a smoker, I just started again last summer and as of today it's been two since my last and I'm doing well (the dreaded day three has yet to rear it's formidable head), so it's not so bad and it's not like I've been doing it for years and years.  The first time I was a smoker I started in my teens, you know....doing the rebelious preacher's kid bit, didn't realize I was addicted until 6years and 2 packs a day were down the road.  Luckily I just woke up one day and realized it wasn't what I wanted to do anymore.  The other two smoking sessions I've had only lasted about 6 months or less, both were relationship ending related.

So, here I am, not smoking.  I know by next week all will be hunky-dory, but right now I am really looking for an excuse to rip somone's head off, (hee hee, I can think of a few people).  To add to the mix my ex is quitting at the same time, we still live in the same house so things could get quite interesting when I get home tonight.  I may just start things off by telling her how men are so much better than women, it's not in any way valid but you know, just to get things rolling.  By the way, I'm that guy that loves to add fuel to a well lit fire, a bit of a antagonist, I figure life is just a little more interesting with us kind around.

So...................tomorrow three......I'll wake up and get on the old workout clothes, run my two miles, do my weights, and look back on all the happy times I had smoking, I'll cough a little, and tell myself it's for the best.  They say it's as addictive as herion, I've never done herion but I imagine it's way harder than this, just takes a little will-power.  Wish me luck.

lululalu says:
all the best!

It'll be the day when my man ceases his own vice.
Posted on: Dec 11, 2009
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