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It has been so long since I've traveled anywhere.  I've taken a couple road trips, 2-3 hours for work, but not really traveled.  Traveling to me is the frustration of planning transportation, the excitement of seeing a new place, the melancholy of standing in line, the atmosphere of the airport bars, and the experience of new and different cultures.  I have been home bound for so long I have forgotten how it feels to be in a new place,  to stop at a roadside pub and talk about current events with a local who I've never seen before and may never see again, to buy a different newspaper and read through it even though I may or may not even understand the language.  I stand and I look at the orange and blue twilight, watching another airplane fly over head, wondering where it goes.  It gets me to that excitement level that we all feel, the next time I get to board a plane for a strange new place, but it also gets me to wondering. 

Why?  Why am I so destined to feel unsurity and unrest unless I am venturing out?  Why do I and so few others like me feel the need, the overwhelming pull to see something new?  Is it ego-are we not satisfied unless we have a new and exciting experience to brag to our (few) friends about?  Is it knowledge-do we really feel that we have learned more by putting ourselves in uncomfortable situations, being looked at funny or outright ridiculed for not knowing cultural customs in a land we have never been to?  Pretentiousness-knowing that we belong to a small, special group and looking down our nose at those who have yet to see Nepal? Or is it something more-something deep inside us, unrest, longing for the next adventure or feeling of unease as we wander through a new place. 

We travel not because we are academics, many of us feel that being culturally or geographically wise is a much better education than any university can provide.  Not because that's what everyone else is doing, our fraternity is one of limited membership and we are commonly mis-judged when others find out about our passions, interrupted when telling our stories.  It isn't because we feel comfortable only when put in to awkward situations, I hate being in a room full of people-especially ones I don't know.  It isn't because our fantasies are normal, I tend to be jealous when I hear the guy next to me complaining about how long it took him to get through security and how cramped the plane was and how jet-lagged he was the whole trip and on and on............

I don't think I could describe the feeling, it's not tangible, it's indescribable.  It's a feeling of emptiness and loneliness even when you are with the ones you love.  A feeling that you want to share with those closest to you, even knowing that theirs is fear and contempt for all that is new and different.  A desire to be a part of something bigger, not just raise a family and go to work and be satisfied with the status quo, but to include that family-to teach all that this world has, to incorporate your work with your passion, and to relegate all of your emotions into one simple frase.  What do I want to see next?

gobabsgo says:
wow...did I write that?! Very well could have!!! Thanks for sharing...well put....couldn't have said it better!
Posted on: Nov 15, 2012
vila says:
Same here. Not easy to put into words. Thanks for sharing!
Posted on: Jun 18, 2010
flying_dolphin7 says:
nice blog that makes me keep reading.... and i think some of your words even reflected part of my thoughts all the time.. thank you;p
Posted on: Dec 30, 2009
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