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We had a VERY chatty pilot from Maui to Phoenix.  Telling us all sorts of stuff about the islands.  I really didn't care.  I was trying to fall asleep, and was about halfway there.  We did have a midnight departure, afterall.  He finally shut up, only to ask a few minutes later if there was a doctor on board.  Hm.  Wonder what's going on.  But, since I have no medical background whatsoever, I finally fell asleep.  On our descent into PHX, the pilot asked for everyone to remain in their seats until the medical emergency had been cleared.

Our flight to St. Louis wasn't as eventful.  And, it was full, so we weren't able to book the window/aisle like we liked, so I sat in the middle seat, which to me is uncomfortable.  I think I slept some more. 

I'm sure Judy and I looked ridiculous, leaving Hawaii in (matching) sweatshirts, but we knew we would need them once we returned to the brisk weather of home.  Mom picked us up from the airport, since it was the middle of the afternoon.  And, it was only fair, since Judy's husband had taken us over.

I'm grateful to TJ who allowed us to invade his apartment, and drive his car for the week.  And, despite Judy's quirks and temperament, she's still one of my dearest friends.  I just know to expect those things from her.

spicyricecake says:
I know the feeling of long flights from Maui to STL. Last year, when we went to Hawaii, we had to go from STL to Chicago, and then a long drive from chicago to Maui. On the way back it was Denver, either way, not a pleasant plane ride
Posted on: Apr 29, 2012
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