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Island hopping

I went and picked TJ up from work first thing this morning.  We were already packed and ready to go; we had to be at the airport for our morning flight to the Big Island.  It wasn't until we got to security that Judy realized she packed all her liquids in her carryon.  So, TJ ran back to put them in the car so she didn't lose her expensive perfume and such.

It was an hour flight from Honolulu to Kona.  TJ caught some shut eye, and I probably dozed off, too.  He had rented a convertible for us, but that also meant I had to sit in the backseat (heaven forbid Judy sit back there) with my suitcase because it wouldn't fit in the trunk.  First thing, we went to the Hard Rock Cafe and then a scrapbook store we saw nearby.

  While there, we asked the owner's husband for his restaurant recommendation, and he told us to go to U-Top-It.  I got a tarot pancrepe made with Spam and Portuguese sausage and rice.  The concoction was delicious!

We left Kona to drive around the southside of the island.  The convertible was nice, until we had to put the top up due to intermittant rain.  And, my hair was blowing around which drove me crazy.  Our destination for the evening was the Bouganvillea Bed and Breakfast, near the southern tip of the island.  It was raining when we got there, so since TJ had made the reservations, he went inside.  He was gone a REALLY long time, and just as the thought crossed my mind, Judy asked if we should go check, maybe they did something to him.

  But, neither of us wanted to go check.  It was a few minutes later when TJ returned.  He laughed when we told him what we'd thought.

We parked the car and then went to the rooms.  TJ in one, Judy and I in another.  The owners, Don and Martie, greeted us, and then gave us some instructions:  please take your shoes off indoors, according to Hawaiian tradition, please shower, but don't linger (the water comes from the rain); and the cat know how to open the door to Room 3 -- thankfullly, that was TJ's room.  While chatting with Martie, Judy (wow -- you really need to know Judy for this story) asks her if she is an axe murderer.  Yes, the words actually come out of her mouth!  She was trying to be funny, but this panicked Martie (the woman was probably 75 years old) and she stuttered and stammered and came back with all these credentials and recommendations to prove her legitimacy.

  TJ and I were dying: laughing too hard and we were mortified.

We still had some sightseeing to so, so we left for the evening.  We tried to make it to South Point for sunset, but as we were driving there, we knew we were racing against time.  We didn't quite make it, so we turned around and went to a local restaurant for dinner.

I was exhausted when we returned to the B&B.  Judy picked out Fried Green Tomatoes from the video collection to watch, but fell asleep about ten minutes in.

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Island hopping
Island hopping
A Pan-crepe, complete with the Haw…
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A quaint bed and breakfast we sta…
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The dog at the B&B... and the cat…
Sunset near South Point
Sunset near South Point
photo by: WorldXplorer