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a WONDERFUL breakfast, hash with fresh papaya

Having stayed in a bed and breakfast, we awoke to our breakfast being made by Martie, I quickly showered (and I do mean quickly, I didn't want to use too much of the water), and we joined Don at the outdoor patio table.  Martie had made an aboslutely divine breakfast of hash and fresh papaya and blueberries (the fruit in Hawaii is mouth-watering DELICIOUS).  We chatted, they were super friendly, and even though we wanted to get on our way, we just couldn't seem to leave.  That is, until Martie started talking about spirits and other worldly beings; we decided we best be on our way.

Since we missed sunset at South Point, we went there.  The view of the Pacific Ocean is gorgeous here; it is the southernmost point in all of the United States.

  From here, we stopped at the Black Sand Beach before going to the Volcanoes National Park.  I was probably most looking forward to this.  We spent a couple hours driving through the park, stopping at various points, including seeing the seismographs that measure the earth's movement -- that was pretty cool.  The only disappointing part about our visit, was there was no active volcano at the time.  I would have loved to of seen lava flow, even if it would have had to be from a distance.  We walked through the lava tube, and then left.

We went to the Akaka Waterfall, which was gorgeous.  I LOVE waterfalls.  Here, a lady was selling art in the parking lot.  Whether these were authentic or not (she said they were), I bought one.  I love souvenirs that have a truly local flair to them.

In Hilo, we did some quick souvenir shopping before going to the airport for our flight back to Oahu.  On the plane, we discussed what to do tomorrow.  We have no plans for the day.  Somehow, the subject of Kauai came up:  it's the only island that Judy had not been to that she would like to visit.  I wouldn't mind going.  When we got back to TJ's apartment, we went straight for the computer.  We booked a 7 AM flight for Kauai -- it's going to be an early morning!

vances says:
What did you think of the sulphur odor at Volcanoes National Park? I felt like I was chewing on a pack of matches!
Posted on: May 04, 2012
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a WONDERFUL breakfast, hash with f…
a WONDERFUL breakfast, hash with …
Don and Martie, the B&B owners
Don and Martie, the B&B owners
saying good-bye to our delightful …
saying good-bye to our delightful…
South Point
South Point
photo by: WorldXplorer