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So this will be my last blog on Argentina, because I leave to go back to Atlanta this Friday.  And I’m torn, I love Argentina and had a wonderful time here, but I do miss my friends and family a bit.  What I love most about traveling to countries outside of the US is their rich heritage.  This past week I traveled to the Congress in Argentina.  There were a lot of similarities to the US system of democracy, there’s a house and senate etc etc.  But also so much more, like the history of the indigenous population, or the multifaceted political system with a plethora of parties that are still active.  We even met with a member of the Radical party (although Yale study abroad students met former President Alfonsin) which provided special insight to the ambitions of Argentine’s.  Despite there being many more parties and  more involved citizens (they’re required to vote) they also face the same corruption and political fights that we do in the states.


The role of the ex-pats is also an interesting perspective I gained just today.  I went Hashing with my roommate (it’s essentially a crazy running group), and after our run, I talked with some ex-pats who lived in Argentina.  I think they perfectly reflect the US and European view of Argentina.  They are very entwined with this country… they’ve lived here, worked here and raised families here.  However, at the same time they’re very separate, they play rugby because as they told me, “soccer is the working’s man sport, rugby is upper class”.  They have a poor view of Argentina’s political system, stability and ability to grow.  And despite all that Argentina has overcome, they still foresee doom in the near future.


From my intimate experience with Argentina, I can surely say that no one knows the true potential of Argentina.  Despite all of the trials and tribulations of the past with race, class and political systems, I believe that Argentina has the wherewithal to endure it all.  Plus, they’ve got Boca!  And that’s all that matters.  Viva la Boca!!!

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