The bus was taking too long so we let a couple of tranny's pick us up?

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Finally feeling alright enough to get out of the house at 2 30 pm, I dragged myself out of bed to go to the musium of the royal family with my dad and visit the mosque we had been hearing so much about.

Because Brunei's rental cars turned out to be about 100 to 120 dollars a day, we have been taking our drivers car.. an old small suv type Suzuki that My dad thought would be perfectly fine to drive in.. Tyring not to be the spoiled brat who wants the nice car, I complied. Little did my Dad know that there's no air con, no suspension, the passenger seatbelt doesn't buckle, and last but DEFINITELY not least... it smelt like a rotten carcus that had been broiled with it's own eurine and feces in this tiny car for at least a week. My goodness... my dad took back his statement of, "Christine, the car is fine!" when I asked him if I culd take shotgun, which he felt he should because I was so unhappy about taking that car anyway.  Because of the stentch, we tried to take other transportations that wouldn't be too expensive.

My Dad had said that he saw a girl get picked up by the street sign just below our house and he seemed to think it was some kind of taxi service but I disagreed and we decided on taking the water taxi. On our way to the water we saw two girls sitting under a shaded area giggling and it lookd lik they were waiting for something or someone to pick them up. They were all dolled up and couldn't stop primping. I hollered over to them when i got  A little closer, "hey girls, are you waiting for the bus"? Was I wrong...  one turned around and I wanted to jump.. my first clue was her.. or his.. broad upper body and the akward way she..he looked at me with her/his body like a little fat girl trying out to be runway model.. hand on the hip and head cocked to the side (no pun intended) his big buldgy eyes and blue eye shadow... a mess..  not like the trannys I have seen in MNL. Now They are serious. Too hard to tell a lot of the time.  Anyway, she told my dad and I that the bus comes every 15 min. then all of a sudden a car pulled up and the two got in the car and one kept asking us to get in the car with them. The one asking us got in the front and the other, a smaller looking girl-boy kept to herself with knees to her chest practically and  stuck to the opposite door. My dad got in the car and I couldn't believe my eyes. I couldnt be like, Dad no, don't do it! They're trannys! I wouldn't want to embarrass them (or myself) so I very hesitently followed my dad. I couldn't help but giggle at our situation after I got in the car.. and my Dad wasn't helping my polking me in the side. here My dad and I were,  two touristy looking american's climb into a little "Pirate Taxi" we later foundout they were called. Both of us afraid to talk.. not knowing what they were conversating about and both wondering if the other knew that they were tranny's.  For a second... I thought I was going to loose it and just bust out laughing.. When we were finally dropped off we payed a dollar each and the two repeatedly asked us to go to a movie with them.. I bet they wanted my Dad.. hahaha We just got out of the car a bolted the other direction and given how small that area is, i'm suprised we didn't see them again while we were there.

We just made it on time to enter  the royal musium and it was beautiful. At the musium there were lots of gifts given by different countries to the new Sultanates and replicas of what the throne looked like and the extravegance of it all. There's also an area set up in life size of the throne/chariot that the royals were carried on. (over people not animals)  We got there late and was anable to take any pictures  unfortunately. I will ahve more to tell next time. I appoligize for my briefness

We had also Juust made it in time to go inside the Mosque , which turned out to be the older mosque, but we still cherished it in all it's glory. the Mosque was built on water, just like the original brunei and is the Mosque you will find on postcards with the boat in front of it. 

Random Fact: There used to be Ku'ran reading competitions on the boat for young people. They would measure the quality by the flow, passion, correctness, and vocals of the individual's randomly selected page. Our friend, M. used to compete every year as a kid.

So I'm not exactly sure how the pirate taxi service works yet, but we only payed a dollar to get into town and then when we tried to get back hhome, a driver tried to charge us 10. We disagreed and got out. Instead we took a water taxi home for the same price, but the scenery was better. I think a regular taxi would be about 15... from the market place near the bridge over the canal to the Royal Brunei Yaht Club, in Kota Batu.

Thank you Brunei for having a low crime rate or else I would have been scared in that car and mad at my dad for being naive instead of laughing. Here in Brunei, it seems like theres always less to worry about...
Good Day.
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