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In America my family and friends will be together eating turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy, vegetables, and pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving celebration. Here in Brunei, Dad and I had fish nuggets and french fries. What a Thanksgiving. Truth is, we didn't even realize it was Thanksgiving because it's not a holiday here.

Today we went to town took some pictures and looked around the shops downtown a bit. We saw the old palace, which is now the Prison Dean's house, and it's nothing compared to the massive extravagant and over the top palace in which the Royals occupy now. When we were ready to go back home, we had planned on getting a water taxi for a few bucks, like our driver told us it would cost. But when we asked around the first guy said 50 bucks and my Dad was so upset with him he just walked away then another guys came up and said dad walked away again... as we were walking away they ran up behid us and said they'd do it for 15, which is something we would pay but my Dad had had enough. We went to the other side of the building where water taxis were waiting to take people to the water villlage, not so touristy. We asked how much to take a water taxi and we decided on 10. The driver didn't even know where he was going... i think he was just stoked to get some money. Anybody know how that get payed or how that works?

When we arrived at the Yaht Club with our bruised behinds from the long stretch of choppy water we asked if they had any turkey. It turns out they had had a celebration the day beforeand the only turkey they had left was reserved... WHO RESERVES A TURKEY!? It should be first come first serve, damnit. I was bummed... I realized I wasn't going to get a Thanksgiving this year. I hope Christmas isn't this disappointing

BUT I was able to find Twilight's New Moon for B$3.00  .. Not to be a nagative nancy but honestly, it wasn't as great as the previews...

zierahhussin says:
hi,for those water taxi thing, you could just pay for $30 for a good deal. (i think so!) first they will prepare a bruneian style breakfast (which i considered as lunch cause all the menu are kinda heavy for breakfast) and then they'll take you on a boat with a roof (bruneians called it 'mirin'), the boat ride will take you to the water museum, jong batu (the son that turned to stone, a legend in Brunei), the back of the Palace and some other historical places in Kampung Air/Water Village. For lunch, we would be served the traditional Brunei food, Ambuyat.
Too bad you have to experienced of meeting the blood-thitrsty people (and don't know a thing of how to give a tour!)
Posted on: Oct 15, 2012
borneonikieta says:
Hey, just read your travelblog. I am always interested in what visitors have got to say about my country. Yeah we're (very) new in this tourist business, lots of things to improve here and there, perhaps you should try coming back in say.. 10 years time lol..hopefully we'll have turkey then. But honestly, sorry to ruin your otherwise lovely thanksgiving ;) and as for those bloodthirsty watertaxi driver, I agree with you. There should be a body to monitor the price they're charging. I am glad your dad refused to get on those boats.
Posted on: Jun 04, 2012
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