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Hoka-hoka Bento @the airport for lunch!
Two cities that I always love to visit are Bandung and Yogyakarta. Bandung because it is beautiful and has a lot of yummy foods. Yogyakarta because it has so many friendly people and everything is cheap.

This time, I have the opportunity to visit Yogyakarta (in short: Yogya) again after long time not going there. The last time we went there was in year 2005 when Rara was still 5 years old and we had a week full of activities going around Yogyakarta and other tourism objects nearby.

I had to take afternoon flight, at 5 pm regarding that Rara and Raka still have to go to school (it is not a public holiday on that Friday). We visit Yogyakarta with an official reason: to attend the wedding of my cousin. The unofficial one buy Batik.
Rara's favourite menu @HHB: shrimps!
A lot of Batik. It's because if we buy batik in Jakarta, the price is so high after adding the transportation cost and of course the profit for the reseller.

Unfortunately, my husband was in Bali since Tuesday, 17 November 2009. He had to cut his meeting in Bali (supposed to be until Sunday). We planned to meet at Jakarta airport after my husband took the flight from Bali to Jakarta. Then, we went together to Yogyakarta on 4 pm flight.

I chose Garuda Indonesia flight. It is our national carrier. It came with a premium price but I didn't see what kind of premium service it could offer to the passengers. The flight delayed 1 hour, the tickets were expensive (above the average price for Jakarta-Yogya route/almost doubled) and nothing more that it can offer except that it served snacks and drinks during the flight (with budget flight we don't have that kind of service Garuda offers/we have to pay more for the meal and the baggages).
Playing with the trolley.

Well, at least, finally we reached Adi Sucipto Airport at 6 pm (supposed to be at 5 pm but as I said earlier, it delayed one hour). We didn't know how to get the taxi (I didn't survey on this trip at all). So, we just accept the offer from a taxi driver that wouldn't use the meter (only by bargain the cost and my husband didn't want to bargain at all because he was tired and just wanted to get to the hotel as soon as possible).

I was so lazy to prepare for this trip that I even didn't bring the address of the hotel. Silly me.

Lucky that the driver know where our hotel was. When we arrived at the hotel, we ordered Rijsttafel for the dinner.

We ordered for 2 persons but it came with so many meals, 10 kinds. Sure, the leftover were still many even though we tried to eat and swallow a lot lot lot of that dinner...

In short, we were full and happy. We sleep with the sound of rain outside became our lullaby at that night....

ariwardani says:
@Christian: yeah, I like little trips as it doesn't make you tired and you don't have to bring heavy luggages. :)
Posted on: Dec 23, 2009
cja17 says:
Looks like a nice little trip Ari - especially the Rijsttafel!!
Posted on: Dec 13, 2009
ariwardani says:
Hi Nanie, the name of the hotel is "Rumah Mertua". See the website:
You can book it online, just the way I did. Come to Yogya, a lot to see!! :)
Posted on: Dec 02, 2009
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Hoka-hoka Bento @the airport for l…
Hoka-hoka Bento @the airport for …
Raras favourite menu @HHB: shrimp…
Rara's favourite menu @HHB: shrim…
Playing with the trolley.
Playing with the trolley.
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Soon, Raka will not fit to the tr…
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Touch-down Yogya.
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This is the Rijsttafel I mentione…
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Eating our dinner outside, at the…
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