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19MAY2007    Left Pirmasens and arrived in Heidelberg for a couple of days.  Staying at the Hotel Rose,  KARLSRUHER STRASSE 93, where it has been operated by the Steinman/Fein/Reese family since 1921.

    Its foundation dates from the mid-1500’s but the building has been destroyed and rebuilt twice.  During its second resurrection it was a toll station for the city of Heidelberg and is first mentioned as a Gasthaus in 1850.   At that time it had 12 guest rooms, 15 tables, 25 chairs and 14 benches.  If you were thirsty, they had a beer barrel that held 2182 liters.  In World War II it was a bomb shelter and after the Americans occupied Hedelberg it was the first American hospital.  It was still owned by the Steinmanns and after being returned to a gasthaus it was operated by the original owner’s son, Fritz Steinmann Junior from 1950  until 1967 when he gave the Rose to his daughter Heidi and her husband Karl Fein.  The Fein’s daughter, Beate Reese, took over the hotel business from her parents in 2002.  With the birth of Christopher William Reese in September 2005, the Family Fein and Reese hopes the tradition of owner/operator will continue in this century.


     Accomodations:  Comfortable and my single room has much more space than the Hotel Am Alten Postplatz Ross had but much smaller than the Alt Pirmasens (not including the shower, I think I could have put all three of other rooms in the Alt Pirmasen room so this does not speak bad of the Ross which was functional and comfortable).  There is a good sized walk-in closet as well.  Desk, desk chairs, small reading chair, bed table and Telephone, TV/VCR round out the furniture.  Well lit with plenty of plugs.  Water closet and shower are also well pre-portioned.  Off-street parking is available as is the opportunity to do your laundry for a fee.  They also have a sauna, a basement area where you can relax with tv or movies and the not-so-mini fridge offerings of wine, beer, water, juice and cola.  There is a dry cleaner within 300 steps as well.  Surrounded by restaurants: Thai, Chinese, Spanish Bodega, and of course German.   I took an hour walk and found quite a few more restaurants, bistros and bakeries on both sides of the street that I’d love to have more time to look into.

    If there is one complaint then it is the whine of any city • the whine of the city.  The electric trains, emergency vehicles, drivers with hearing problems but premium stereophonic equipment…..The Hotel Ross (the Windmuhle and the Alt Pirmasens for that matter) had the advantage of being close to the beaten track but buffered from the noise of the city.

    Its 7:41 pm and my tape worm is complaining again.  Going to check a restaurant now.

The Leone D’Oro is Italian themed and the food and atmosphere are piu bella.

The outside seating is comfortablly shaded by plants.  Inside the street windows appear to be old glass, the ceilings are wood beamed but between the beams a light beige material has been applied with great visual effect to reflect an old style ceiling with modern lines.

    I should have had just the caprese….the tomatoes and mozzarella were served with basil leaves and a green salad to boot.   Not ever one for discretion though I also chose the tortellini ai broccoli.  Glad I did and wish with every fiber of my being that I could have finished it because it was delicious.

    This was accompanied by Pinot Grigot, a good wine for this meal and easy companion to me for many years.  Salut'

    The server was Italian.  I like Germany.  My hostesses and hosts here for the training and the staffs wherever I have been were the nicest people in the world…but it was truly relaxing to exchange gut abend, bitte and danke with bouno sera, piachere, prego, and mille grazie for awhile with old Dean doing his thing on the speakers.  Lovely place.

    Well tomorrow I will have bought some WIFI time to post this and email my beautiful Donna and may have news of other places to help me maintain my mountainous girth.

              May 20th.... breakfast buffet was very extensive with fresh fruit, fruit cocktail, various breads, hard and soft cheeses, deviled egs, boiled eggs, sliced meats, cereals, coffee and juice.  For me the fruits, egg, cereal, juice and coffee since I was such a big eater yesterday and only walked an hour    ...and now the church bells pull me out to the street -- so a couple of hours of walking and taking pictures of the beautiful streets here off the side of the main roads.....cheers!


22MAY 2007

Update on the Restaurant Leone D'Oro -  the glass on the street windows is very old.  The owner, a very nice lady, was telling me that she had wanted to update the windows of the restaurant and the guest rooms upstairs for better efficiency but isn't allowed to because the city is trying to prevent the loss of such building treasures.

   The lady by the way was a teacher and her husband owned and operated the restaurant and guest house.  When he died she left teaching to keep the restaurant and guest house operating.


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