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We're done! It's over! We've reached our goal!
Well, almost... Noone wanted to go the last 15 kilometers into Karasjok, we all just wanted to go home and start our easter holidays instead...

Tha last day was a pretty short one, only 16 kilometers, and a lot of it was downhill. I was really lucky, the day before Kazi, the Alaskan Malamut, took my pulk sled, behind the one she was already pulling. She looked like a roadtrain, one dog with two long pulk sleds behind. But she really didn't seem to mind, always first on the trail, wagging her tail. (wow, i'm such a poet ;) ) Not having to pull my stuff anymore, I was a lot faster than the very long day before, and actually managed to stay with the group the whole day :)

Friday, however, was a bit harder, and i lagged behind after a while.
But that's ok.  At the top of the first downhill part my pulk sled was waiting for me, the poor dog has enough trouble with one pulk downhill, I couldn't expect her to take two.

But the dog wasn't the only one having trouble downhill... I'm pulling my pulk with a rope, not those metal poles, which basically means that it will crash into my heels when going downhill. Not recommended if you have blisters...

I tried keeping the pulk to my side - not working. And i tried keeping it infront of me - bad idea. And i tried about five other ways of getting the damn thing down the veeeeery long downhill, but it didn't really work. The trail was pretty narrow, a bit windy, and extremely bumpy. You see, when snowmobiles go uphill, they dig holes in the trail, especially if they go fast.
And all the teenagers in this area go fast... and when you go fast over a bump, you'll dig up even more snow, making it even bumpier...

In the end i realized that the best solution was to extend the rope fully, getting the pulk as far behind me as possible, and then try to outrace it...
Which worked pretty well, surprisingly. But it was scary, going that fast down all those bumps, the ongoing mantra in my head went something like : Bend your knees, bend, bend, bend, bend, bend, bend... All the while hoping and praying that the pulk wouldn't wrap itself around a tree somwhere behind me. I've tried that before, it's not very pleasant, being stopped so suddenly. And at the speed I was going at this point - I really didn't want a sudden stop.

But I made it all the way down without any major incidents. When the terrain finally became flat again, I met two of the boys collecting firewood. One of them, of course, far up in a tree. Why collect what's on the ground, if you can find an excuse to do it the hard way?

And in the parking lot everyone was set up for great relaxation. The bus was about 90 minutes away, the coffee was on the burner, and sweaty wool hung up to dry. All we needed was a small fire :)

Of course, nothing is ever small when we're talking about fires in my class ;)
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