The yongala ship wreck and VW!

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Getting ready to head out to dive.

Part2 of our trip, we were in townsville, we stay at a hotel on southbank side ( can't remember name... fill in later) we were about 10 walks to center of townsville.

While we were there a 3.5 metre Crocodiles closed beaches and dive shop around townsville and Magnetic Island, he nick name him Wighty. He was all over the news, as he was effectiving the tourtism business greatly. He was had originally been relocated from Cape York to the Burdekin, but they supect that he got his " kick out" by other crocodiles along the coast, he had keep swimming along, he and got hungry and weak, ended up in near townsville. They caught him after he was causing problem, and he die at holding facility after eating a large number of plastic bags.

Looking back to townsville MT.
Pool guy.

We booked with Adrenalin Dive, and we called them muptible times, they confirm our trip untill we got to townsville and the pool crocodile was caught.

We did 2 dives with A on the 4th, and went to the yongala wreck on the 5th. It was one of the best dives we've ever done, i could have to said it the best wreck dive in Australia!

I split up with my partner(he was on his open water ) and got paired up with a more advance diver, she was a nice lady and told me about her travels - staying at the oil rig on sabah malaysia. She was a excellent diver, lucky me, the current were strong on the surface, the line going down was very busy, divers everwhere! 

Once you got down, it was mind blowing the abundants of marine life surrounding the yongala.

We dive with Adrenalin Dive, they were great!
Our dive instrutor explained to us, there is nothing but sandy bottom for miles around the yongala shipwreck, so many marine life come to the yongala seeking shelter+food, the yongala also happens also sink next to the great eastern currents, the currents bring lots of nutrients to the wreck (which is now more like a reef) so most marine life at the wreck was 30-40% bigger.

They weren't lying! See my pictures!  They told us about a Napolean Wrasse they call "VW", because he was the size of a "VW"  Volkswagen. We saw him from a distance, he was hanging out at the front of the wreck, facing the currents, the current was too strong for us and we couldn't get any closer. 

I saw seasnake, which my partner was very afraid of, haha. He was dreading them and we happen to see 2 on this trip, haha just his luck!  

Hight lights - huge Napolean Wrassema, huge manta rays!

After out dive at yongala, the next day my partner had to complete his Advance Open water, he had to do his dive test at townsville beach, at the Strand, it was really shitty conditions, windy, visability was like 2m. His instructor has a good laugh about it, he was doing is navigation test, the visabilty was very poor, he was suppose to travel in a square... instead the current was so strong, he made a triangle. Anyway he still passed! He completed his trainning, and we had a great time.

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Getting ready to head out to dive.
Getting ready to head out to dive.
Looking back to townsville MT.
Looking back to townsville MT.
We dive with Adrenalin Dive, they …
We dive with Adrenalin Dive, they…
hello there Mr batfish.
hello there Mr batfish.
photo by: fearlessflyer82