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North of the town of Troodos between it and Pedoulas, There had been a terrible landslide. Much of the road from many, many kilometers had been reduced to barely a lane which itself was worn away form the abrasion. At one point the road was completely blocked with a dumptruck in the only lane left, while a loader scooped dirt and rocks in an effort to continue the clean up. Once the dump truck was filled, and moved, I could pass. The mountainous green dotted scenery was a world away from the coastal cliffs. It’s amazing to see this only a hour away from beaches.


After all of that mess was over with the landslide was over and the slow poke in front of me turned off, I finally made up some time whizzing my way through twisties in my Aston Martin convertible. What, you don’t believe that….oh well, in my Nissan Note, I guess you remembered that, right. I can dream!


Reaching the rim of the mountains that surrounded Pedoulas,I was really surprised. Not only could I see the picturesque and colorful village, I could also see to the north coast. I could even see the Northwest tip. I was amazed at that….really!!! It was so beautiful, the mountain scenery and the blue Mediterranean….like a painting. I would save Pedoulas for later. My main mission, today, was to get to Kykkos. It is the largest, most imposing, and wealthiest of all the monasteries in Cyprus.

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View from the mountain around Pedo…
View from the mountain around Ped…
Between Pedoulas and Kykkos
Between Pedoulas and Kykkos
photo by: Ils1976