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Driving through Limassol

 I needed to get moving. It was after 16:00 and the sun would be going down soon. I was still 45+ minutes or more away from Larnaca. I tcot on the highway and was making good time. I was drivng fast but under the speed limit. Here’s where I discover the answer to a question and a problem that I never expected which would result in great anger.


I picked up the car at 03:30 Saturday morning, right. I drove it to the guest house. I didn’t move it on Saturday. On Sunday I drove all over the southeast and a bit of central Cyprus. On Monday, I visited sites in Larnaca so, I didn’t move it. Today, I drove all over the south west. I’ve put 650 = 700 kilometers on the car. The whole time I was driving, I felt that the car was struggling to achieve the appropriate kph. Okay, so here it is. I’m driving down the main highway connecting Lemesos to Nicosia (Lefkosia) and Larnaca when I looked down at the speedometer that I had looked at a hundred times by now …..I looked really close at the little number underneath. These should be mph. They should be smaller but, they weren’t. They were bigger, they were kph. The big numbers were mph. That’s when behind the marker I saw mph and about had a heart attack. The country’s speed is governed in kph and all of the signs support this. The lady that rented me the car at Europcar had not explained that this car was not kph. I was FURIOUS. I’ve driven in many, many countries in Europe and easiliy have transitioned to kph. Why they allow rental companies to import both for RENTAL, I do not understand. My first concern was the many speed cameras that I had passed thinking that I was well below the speed limit. I now know that I was grossely exceeding the speed limit. When I got back to the hotel, I called and explained this to the lady at the Europcar office at the airport ( just so happened that the lady on the phone was the lady who rented it to me. I asked here which they rented (mph or kph) equipped cars. She said, both. That some, such as the Nissan Note (the car I was driving) were imported from Japan and were mph and others were not.


I tried to explain that I would be her responsibility to inform me of the difference between the cars instruments and the legal measurement ofr speed. She should have even asked me if I was ok with that……anything to let me know. I was not informed and could potentially have maybe a dozen or more tickets…..seriously possible.


So, I am now going to call their complaints department but, will contact the police concerning their obligations concerning informing me. I’m also contacting the Cyprus consumer protection agency to see what assistance they can provide. I am enraged but, for the first time on the trip, drive the speed limit.

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Driving through Limassol
Driving through Limassol
photo by: pretty_girl