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Time to go, I returned to the car and set out. I planned to go to Cape Greko next but, my navigation had me going in the opposite direction. This was okay, too. I planned to go to Paralimni.


I drive inland for quite a distance. I see signs for several of the little villages that of overlap near the coast; Paralimni, Deryneia, and several others without names. There was a lot of road work in this area. It seems that they working on making this a four-lane highway. What is there currently is scarcely enough for 2 cars. Most of the time the car in the north bound lane straddles the shoulder when a car is passing.


So, due to all of this road work, it was difficult to find the right road to turn down. I could see the Cathedral of the Virgin Mary, which stands on top of a hill and can be seen from all around. I just took a chance with one path across the construction where I saw another car turn. This at least took me from one side to the other. Now, getting up the hill was about trying a few streets and eventually the right one.


The Cathedral of Panagia (Virgin Mary) was built in the 18th century and its décor is that of porcelain tiled walls with designs from that era. The church was locked so, I was only able to peek in a window and walk around its grounds. There was a little chapel next to it with “Greek blue” shutters and benches….very cute. There was also a wonderful little sanctuary with a fountain in the center that had detailing to match the church.


In a prominent place on the property was a piece of artwork of colorful tile design. It is the city, the church, the clergy, the people (from baby to old man), and a dove above symbolizing peace. It is wonderful work and says a lot about the community.


From here I needed to drive south. It sounds easier than it is in reality. In making my way down from the hill but in the direction of the water (Ammochostos Bay)……and then to go south, I got really confused with the road signs and what direction. I found my way to the water but I was an almost ghost town. There were a few kids playing in an abandoned lot. I passed them several times…..not intentionally. I ended up going down a street with apartment blocks that seemed abandoned.

At the end of the street was a great view of the water and a city to the north…….with was very close. It turns out that the city was Famagusta (Northern Cyprus) and the mountains stretching out into the sea….as well. I am taking pictures and realize that beside me is a sign “no pictures”. I guess that I’m really asking for it, aren’t I.


I get back in the car and try to find my way back up the hill and to a real road. I found something but, it became very confusing as I thought I was going the wrong direction, turned off and went a different way only to end up at the church in Paralimni, again. The only good thing to come out of it was finding another beautiful church (no clue of where I was) along the way.


I return down the same road that brought me to Paralimni and find the highway, again. Finally, I’m going in a direction that I’m sure of!!!

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photo by: delsol67