Part I - A church, a Mosque, and lost in Larnaca!

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I awakened to an unexpected surprise. It was sunny. There were some clouds but, mostly sun, great! So, now I had to shift into high gear. I had slept a little later thinking, if it’s rainy, why get up early.


So, now, where would I go today? I decided on the southwest corner of the island. I would lessen the number of places on my list for my “Pafos Day”.


I had a quick breakfast, showered, and packed my bag. I packed a sandwich, apple, and water for a lunch on the go.


Out the door and into the car, I hope today will have fewer mistakes in my route plan.


I didn’t start out well as within 15 minutes, I was lost just trying to get out of town. I seem to never leave or return the same way. It has me thoroughly confused. So, lost I am. I see a pretty church and a mosque’s minaret and decide to distress with some beautiful architecture.


The church was really unusual. It had the architectural details of a church but, a lot of the plan looked like mosque. The way the portico was laid out and styled and the bell tower could be a minaret.


I walked around the block to the mosque. It had a plaque on it that said (Hamit Bey Socagi). It looked a bit in disrepair. The structure had buttresses so; I guess it used to be Christian. It struck me as beautiful. I’ve tried to find info on it but, have come up with nothing!



Ok, back in the car and let’s get out of this town!!!

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On the radio, there was an announcement that was telling people that the next day would be a day of rolling blackouts between 12:00 and 1400. I was surprised by this but, I have been other places where this was the case…..there were U N peacekeepers there, as well. (Kosovo).


I tried following the signs to the airport, since that was the way I first drove into Larnaca. I passed by the new airport….so I know where it is….GOOD!


I also drove along the salt lake. It is am amazing ecosphere. It’s like no other place. The sun was setting, almost down. I was able to find a place to stop and take a few pics….they are fantastic. The setting sun created an orange explosion across the lake and behind the mountains.


The sun is now, down and it’s after 17:00. The traffic is terrible and this is not how I first arrived in this city, great. I drive around but soon see the festival lighting that is along the promenade. So, I can get back…..but not yet. I weave through the narrow streets, turn onto mine and There isn’t enough room for my car, with both mirrors pulled in, to get through. I try my right mirror is ok but I think I can touch the right wall form my seat. The left mirror hits his mirror and dislodges it with a loud crack. My mirror pushed in further but was ok.


I get to the hotel and there is no where to park! I get the phone out quickly and call. I tell the lady who requires a full explanation of who I am and that I am staying for a week, have a reservation for my car all week, and my room number. I have no choice but to go around the block and try again. This time she was there. She was having a neighbor move his car from my spot. There were many people behind me so I could only inch forward in between a wall and another car.

Sunset over Larnaca's Salt Lake....mountains in the background.
Finally he was out and blocking traffic so I could get in, crisis over.


I walk to the grocery for a few staple and walk by a artists gallery of beautiful pottery just down the street. I didn’t have my glasses on so, I couldn’t see the prices….a good thing, I’m sure.


I made whole wheat pasta with broccoli and bits of gouda with a caprese salad for a starter. It was a tasty dinner.


I spend a great deal of time writing the story about today, the good and the bad but mostly enjoying the photographic fruits of my labor.


In between I watched the original Spiderman. He was a hero of mine as a child and I am happy to see Toby McGuire personify my hero.


Today, all in all, was filled with spectacular sites and sights! The missteps lead to some of the greatest glory.


Sunset over Larnacas Salt Lake...…
Sunset over Larnaca's Salt Lake..…
Sunset over Larnacas Salt Lake...…
Sunset over Larnaca's Salt Lake..…
photo by: ewooce