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I slept much better last night. I think watching some great entertainment (Empire Falls), helped.


I got up with my 08:00 alarm. I watched an episode of the Addams Family while I ate breakfast. I showered and was ready to try this RHD thing, again.


I got in, started it up, put it in gear and off I went. It was a gloriously sunny day!


I headed north out of the city, along Larnaca Bay. The high rise coastal development of Larnaca is in this area.

I’m glad that I’m in Old Town.


Just north of the development the road takes an inland detour around the power plant (UGGGLY!). My first destination today is the former fishing village of Agia Napa. It is now THE place to be. The only place that outranks it in terms of partying and hedonism is Ibiza.


During my inland detour, I pass a large monastery. I then find the first place that I can turn around and do so.


(Sidebar) ��" Turing around and crossing traffic are some of those things that are really concentration points when tackling RHD.  I really had to think it through, triple time.


So it turns out that I am at Ayia Marinas, somewhere near Xyli???.

It was quite dramatic from a distance, so I had to turn around. Service was taking place so, I didn’t try to enter. The pictures of the grounds are quite spectacular. It’s quite a complex….in the middle of nowhere!


Now, I have to bring this up because it has already become apart of this journey. Military lookouts and watchtowers with armed men watching everything that I do are the norm in parts of Cyprus. Not that I’m not used to this by now. I can name too many countries that this was the norm. Anyway, to make a long story short, the northern part of Cyprus is Turkish Cypriot and the southern part is Greek Cypriot. They had a militarized border and even parts that are disputed. The UN has peacekeepers stationed along this border to assist both sides.


Now, this became part of my day my visit to the monastery and my continuation down that road took me in the wrong direction. Soon, I was driving down a deserted road and there were watchtowers on either side.

Then came the “no camera” signs. The barbed wire fence on my northern side made me realize where I was.  I had already photographed one of the border towns that I believe to be Achna…sorry. This meant that I was in an area that I had not intended. The Northern Cyprus border was immediately to my left. Once I realized this, I turn around at the first opportunity and find the correct road to Agia Napa. I had made a 45 minute oops.


I made it to Agia Napa. Most of is seems like any other resort town with its many restaurants, souvenir shops, hotels, and bars. I was on the lookout for a sign for water access but, soon the road was being diverted so, I followed and ended up at a boardwalk area near the marina.


There were many people making their morning walk and crowds gathering for something. There were many large TV cameras set up along the water’s edge. The Cyprus Sports Channel was televising. I was a tent with a table full of trophies so, it must be a competition.


I walked east along the boardwalk and found my way to the marina and a cove area.

There was a large galleon of some type being used as a bar, sad to say. I walked to the end of the outer jetty and could see a large group of small boats offshore.


They began to race….and quite fast, at that. I didn’t really pay much attention as I was enjoying the view, more. Looking further east, I could see all the way to Cape Greko, another of today’s destinations.


I walked along the water from the eastern end of the jetty to one of the western coves of Agia Napa. The beach was part sand and park rocky. It was hard to walk on but, quite beautiful.

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Ayia Napa
photo by: AgniAgni