Birthplace of Aphrodite, a natural beauty!

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I return to driving, now to the birthplace of Aphrodite. Well, first I got lost again. This time I was lost in the middle of winery. Was it a wrong turn or a strategic move?


Ok, I turn around and get back on the road and figure out where I went wrong….but, not really. I’m sure of the highway that I am on. And I am sure that I haven’t passed the turn off. Okay….keep going. Along the way I have to stop and take in the mountains that are along side the highway…..amazing.


I drive for quite a while. I round a corner and the end of the cliffs are to my left. I think that either this is it or I am lost. I see a place to pull off the road, along the cliffs. I stop…….and OMG!!!


This is not where I intended but, my path brought me here, to this unbelievable view in the middle of nowhere!!!


The limestone cliffs here are so white that they are like the color of beautiful sand the water is the color of precious jewels.

The artistry of Mother Nature crafting the limestone, like it was clay, into shapes that only she could. The water looked so peaceful and inviting. I wish that I could have gotten down to the beach for a swim. What a view, it must be, from the water. In the opposite direction I could see some large rock formations a bit north.


I took a million pictures and would have stayed much longer but, I had to go.


I return to the coastal highway but, only went 200 meters or so. I pulled back into another turn around and wanted to see if the view was any different. It was! I could now see much clearer, the rock creations out in the water. I also found a cove where the land looked like it had been ripped away……unbelievable. Some of the shots of both of these areas were …..challenging but, I’m so glad that I ventured out.


I need to be heading back as I am trying not to drive too much at night given my limited experience with this new driving experience.


I had to stop at a couple of points where the mountain views were so spectacular.

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Petra Tou Romiou
photo by: delsol67