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It was the museums where i visited by cab. It was not far from my best hotel rates of New Orleans.

 was first time when we reached to New Orleans with cousin brother in month of May. It was hot day, whatever; I enjoyed to that city much more because it’s a beautiful adventure city.

Over the ferry a lady watched the glimpse.
If you want more enjoyment end of your knowledge then must travel across the New Orleans street. It was fortunately and majestic travel to New Orleans city.

How can we made plan to there? I was free In May month. After a long days, My cousin brother came to my home for spending him 2 week holidays. But in two days he was boring feel so without any info of me he reserved to the New Orleans city trip tickets and In evening, on dinner table he told us that we are going to New Orleans city. I shocked about listen his words.  Next day, without planning we left our home. My wife was sad too little because she wanted to come with us but due to her office problem, she didn’t come with us. Whatever, we left to town and reached to New Orleans city international airport.

Closed to airport, picked cab from the Hilton New Orleans, it’s a biggest hotel chain hotels and eco-friendly hotel also.

skyhipers hotels around the ferry bay.
Second it’s services was superb. Everything of that hotel was fabulous. My cousin knew that hotel because he came there most of time for his business purpose and love to that city adventure. I asked him about other hotels in new Orleans, he told us that hotel of this city are also best but don’t like that Hilton hotels. However, the hotel of their building was superb in outside.

In street went to the downtown, which were ahead of the hotel. He brought to me at Bourbon Street in nighttime, it was superb places. Everywhere lighting was awesome. That’s area was known as district of central business, where we watched the high class hotels, restaurants, business point and also watched the some museum in outside, which were the National D-Day Museum, the Louisiana Children's Museum, the Ogden Museum of Southern Art, the Contemporary Arts Center) and a gallery district on and around Julia Street.

Museum point where you can take fantastic break.
We ate dinning to there, to him favorite restaurants. Foods were so expensive to there. Late Night we slept.

He got up early morning, but I was not. However, I was ready first to them. We took the Hilton hotels(a cheap hotel rates travel firm) continental free heavy breakfast in front of the TV. My temptation, pushed to Uptown of city.  Where we watched the 19th century residential section upriver, in additional, moved towards the District garden, which noticed by the its Victorian architecture. It was so beautiful places I can’t explain to its beauty.

My cousin love drinking and the main reason to visited in most time here. In New Orleans city has no ‘ blue laws’ therefore any body to drink alcohol across the New Orleans city in everyday, throughout the year. So in night we drunk at midnight, first in walking time after that in our hotel room.

Next day, we got up 10 O’clock, hence ready for next day trip. It was the day of River ferry. Both of them went to the ferry places, bought tickets from them, and took the best day entertainment over the ferryboat with lot of beer can. Inside the views of the city over the ferry was superb. Full day we spent out time to there. In night took the best dinning with little alcohol but didn’t he. He was full loaded of alcohol to that night. I told him to left it but he couldn’t leave it. Next three days, we watched and entertained at Streetcar rides, Walking tours at voodoo, jazz history, French Quarter, or Garden District ones, Antique shopping, Mardi Gras World, Cities of the Dead and more places. Really, I love it and more entertaining I was to there.  
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It was the museums where i visited…
It was the museums where i visite…
Over the ferry a lady watched the …
Over the ferry a lady watched the…
skyhipers hotels around the ferry …
skyhipers hotels around the ferry…
Museum point where you can take fa…
Museum point where you can take f…
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