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I realized that in my previous post, i left out my favorite spot I saw in berlin.... the monument where the book burnings happened...its not quite what most would expect as it is rather hard to find...well without a tour guide I dont think i couldve...reason being is that it sits in the square where it happened, actually underneath it in doors at all, just a window from above to look picture a massive cobblestone square with a 1 yard by 1 yard piece of glass in the middle...when you look down its a massive white walled room with empty bookshelves....its quite amazing.... among the many brliners, albert einstein once said, when they burn books they will then burn people.

..thus he fled to the states via switzerland...if you are in berlin.... go there..

Berlin is where my first encounter with gpysies happend...not at all what i expected them to look like.. not that i can explain my thought..but there were a few of them that bugged us...not too bad... dark skinned, in dresses and with their children...asking if we spoke english...we were told to say no, always..

Also, since it was my fellow travelers took note, and at dinner, which was at joe's, where i had traditional sourkraut, all the aussies sang quite loudly before bringing a black forest chocolate cake...

after dinner we went on a spy tour of berlin and learned about the spies of the war, and east well as seeing a sample of the deadmans land.

..communism did bad things to the world... very bad things... the last stop was tunnel 57 before we went on a scavenger hunt through the city from pub to pub...

we left berlin early morning....was sad to go as I enjoyed berlin quite a lot... before leaving the city entirely we paid a visit to the east is the longest stretch of the 3rd generation wall still standing and is painted by artists...hence gallery...

back in the coach we to dresden...our mid afternoon stop....dresden experienced a bit of destruction during the war...but still have a number of buildings standing.... at the end of the war...the allied forces..namely, british and americans bombed the city... then waited for emergency crews, children etc to return to the streets before bombing again.

.. it was a massacre....sadly....also a thing to note, as a result neo nazi's gather in dresden as a result. quite scary to think that people are still out there who believe in that.

nonetheless..dresden turned out to be my favorite city in germany so far...after the bombing, they reused a number of the old bricks and such to reconstrcut the city... so a lot of the buildings are new, but look medieval... and also, a number of them, such as the main cathedral have many charred black bricks because of the fires after the bombings... beautiful, the entire city is..and quaint... the main cathedral was recently reconstructed with help from the british..costing 100mil euro.. from the outside it looks the same prior to the bombing ...but the interior is modernized.

..let me tell you this is one of my favorite churches in beauiful... pictures will be posted of everything when i return to the states..

we pushed on to the czech doesnt look much different than germany... just worse traffic and more signs of communisom... or the residue i should say....
our first stop was to the castle.well its not really a castle, its just a walled in city with multiple courtyards and beautiful churches... in fact, there are a lot of beautiful churches here, but post communism 95% are they are uses for concerts and such..from the castle, which is up on a hill overlooking centre we walked into centre...its quite nice since the city remained unscathed from the war, so it has a medieval feel to it.

.. however, we were told to keep a tight watch on our wallets, as this is a thief haven..a little scary, but all is good so far..

our hotel is abuot 10 min from centre via the subway... hotel is nice, food is gross.. most of us went into the centre... we went to an american bar.. in fact, harley davidson themed..was ok... then to the largest club in prague... i went to have a not a clubber..i was told by a friend, it is a tourist trap and no locals go there.. still quite a sight to see...

day 2 in prague consisted of sleeping in...til 8, then heading back to centre to see the clock tower go off, the 500 year clock is much like big ben...cooler in a lot of ways...but also goes off on the hour... hundreds of people gather to see it go off. is quite anti climatic...not explaining need to see for yourself..

we meet in the jan haus square before going on a boat cruise through prague..the cruise was nice and relaxing..unlimited buffet and drinks for 2 hours with a good perspective on the city...lots of great photo opps..the cruise, the route was silly... you go maybe a mile, through a lock, as the water levels are different, go out, turn around, and go back through the lock and back to the dock....2 hours of floating really...

after the cruise... myself and a mate, or aussie or whatever you want to call him, walked the city... the old jewish quarter..then the st charles bridge, ate pretzels, old centre, then new centre before heading back to the hotel to relax...the evening is one of relaxation as we head out early to munich tomorrow...

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photo by: vulindlela