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we were told that today is the day from hell on the tour. reason being, we had to drive from venice to rome which is a hike.

our earliest day since london, we packed it up, and headed west....we were told to sleep as long as possible on the bus to make the day go faster... i slept for a good two hours, before waking in the middle of was quite lovely, once again a nice contrast from the industrial and dirty aspect of italy. if i had to describe italy, i would compare it with california...its vast landscape, that has different climates and geographic landscapes...both beautiful and gross all within the same boundaries.

we made great time and hit no traffic in route, so we arrived in rome and hit the streets immediately.

at first glimpse, i thought it was hell. chaos in other words. cars parked everywhere, and the ones that were driving seemed like they were aiming at tourists...while in the background was beautiful arhictecture... one of our first peters basillica...the largest basillica in the world and is in vatican city, aka home to the catholic church and the pope...

first stop, the spanish was overflowing with tourists, but was a great site....we had a chance to get some gelato, and sit on the steps for stop, the cappicini monks museum...did you know, the cappicinni monks, gave the cappicinno its name, well the story is, they where brown robes and white hat, so so when the drink was created, it reminded them of the monks, hence cappicinno.
..the musuem was awesome and morbid in the same breath. a former burial ground of theirs had to be unearthed, so they gathered the bons and remains and put them in the museum and made art with imagine 6 small rooms, with bone fragments assembled as art....quite cool...i thought at least...

off to my favorite site in rome, the trevi fountain....huddled in small square, the overpowering roman fountain was breathtaking...i threw 3 coins in over my right shoulder for good luck...let me tell you, this one is much better to see in person versus in art histroy books...

this evening, our goal was to see as much as rome, you could live here a lifetime, and never see the same thing twice...thats how important this city really is.
we wondered through more of the chaos, and hello pantheon....what another amazing site. we arrive just as the sun was going made for some amazing, what a structure....right next to the pantheon is a church. rome has thousands of churches. although i cannot remember the name, it was in barbieri square, and was the home to st catherines relics....each church i have seen this tour has been amazingly beautiful in their own right.

our last stop was the.....square, here sits 3 fountains and yet another basillica.
we got to get off our feet and site down for a few...before our last walk of the dinner... the walk to dinner was hard, considering 8 hours on the bus, 4 hours of walking.... but we got to see st raphaels castle, the one in angels and demons....

dinner was at a local restaurant... the pasta was good, but my main course was gross. once again, being a vegetarian is tough in europe....they dont understand what it means, and so i get served crap during prepaid meals...but at least, i have tomorrow to look forward to.
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photo by: vulindlela