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By 6.45pm we'd all gathered. Of the 39 booked on the Sinh Tourism Sleeping Bus to Nha Trang most were 20 somethings, but the Korean -Australian family included granny. There were 4 young Chinese travelling independently - a sign of the times? And there was us, booked into sleeper seats 29 and 30 on the upper tier. The bus is about 2/3rds height of an English double decker, and the seats are 3 abreast with two gangways and good headroom. Actually, it was ok - better than the Indian Railways 2 Tier Air Con. The seats were not unlike airline sleeper seats (the cheaper ones). Once you'd worked out how and where to stow bags and shoes, you could stretch out and snooze/ sleep. Departure spot on 7.00pm, lights out 8.00pm! Comfort stop at 11.30, then off into the darkness again until a punctual arrival at 6.00am. Wouldn't want to do it too often, but it got us another 500km further south efficiently and for $US 12 each.

Our hotel room wasn't ready until 9.30. They had a waiting room where we could wash and tidy up. Mike went into the bathroom. The door handle jammed and he was locked in the lavatory. At this point the power had failed too, so he was locked in by candlelight. All's well...even at 6.30am there was a handyman who sorted it all in 10 minutes to much laughter all round.

Nha Trang is one of the major seaside resorts of Vietnam. It's on a beautiful sandy bay looking out towards small islands in the South China Sea. There's a lovely promenade with much well tended topiary. There are several upmarket beach bars thast hire out loungers for less than a pound a day. So we relaxed from our Sleeping Bus experience by spending a beautiful warm day on the beach and having a cocktail before dinner.

On Saturday afternoon we lounged again in warm sunshine. In the morning we'd walked the length of the prom up to the fishing fleet area - some rather ramshackle houses on stilts over the river near there (something of a contrast to the huge Sheraton not far away that was preparing to open). We went on to some well preserved Cham temples. At the ticket office there was a list of rules. They included: " Do not show a lot of cleavage when coming to the Towers" and "Do not bring explosions, inflammable materials, dangerously murderously weapons"

Now off up country to Dalat - by day bus.


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Nha Trang
photo by: rotorhead85