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The last couple days being anywhere make one reminisce on past times, good laughs and friends made.  I can compare it to the last couple pages in a book, which I make sure to read slow and soak up as much as I can.  These past 6 weeks have opened my eyes to a not entirely different part of the world, but with its own amazing wonders, people with fascinating stories, and a passion that is hard to find anywhere I've been before.  Before I came down here, I knew 3 things: Argentina was below the equator, Buenos Aires is its capital, and it's a third world country.  Prior to here, the only 3rd world country I had visited was Costa Rica, so I could only imagine something like that.  It's quite different - not better or worse, but it has its own perks and things to do.  Being in the capital, most everything seemed very developed, and I saw how a country concentrating its energy in one area could make a place that I don't want to leave.  I now have what I consider a well rounded knowledge of the area that can't quite be obtained by visiting alone.  One has to attend a futbol game, see a tango or flamenco show, and of course check out the crazy night life.  I am used to going out at 10 or 11, coming back at 2 am when places close.  Here 2 am is when everyone starts going out, and they don't get back until 6 or 7 in the morning.  I've seen and done so many things here, some of which aren't appropriate for posting.  One thing I do know is that I will be back here.  I think the only place I've been more than once is a cafe across the street and a bar down the road.  Other than that, I try to visit as many new places as I can; that's truly the way to absorb as much of the city as possible.  It always helps to have someone with you who has been there before, and it's fun to go out with a group - however, some of my best experiences have come from going out on my own and relying on myself to guide me back home.  Sometimes I'd get lost and absolutely need a taxi, but there was always a good experience to look back on.  The rest of my summer, I'm afraid, will be a drag as I won't be here and most of the group will.  But that's for them.  I'm a believer in everything happening for a reason, and I'm glad what happened here did.  Sure, some lessons were learned, and good times were had.  There isn't a minute I'd rather redo, as this place has taught me amazing things.  Buenos Noches, Buenos Aires.
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