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We were finally ready to head out to Nikko so we hit the road. If anyone has driven around Japan, they know it takes years to travel anywhere. We made it to Utsonomiya and decided to get lunch at the local friendly Subway. Jason and Aki love subway here, and rightfully so. Subway in Japan is not quite the same as in America. One point of difference, you can get fries with your sandwich, and have them shaken in basil! After our pitstop, we forged on to Nikko.

We got to the Nikko Edo Wonderland about an hour and a half before closing, so we had to rush through. Thankfully there was a reduced fair, so the normal $50 ticket was only $45, ouch! The concept of this place was to share what it was like during the Edo period of Japan. I think they did a fairly decent job with some things, while others were definitely lacking. We walked through a haunted ninja-house, a maze, a topsy-turvey building, and some mockups of battles. We started to sit in on a play, but since I didn't understand anything that was going on, we left. We finished the park just in time for it to close. More time would have been nice to see some of the shows that were put on. Regardless, I think the admission fee was very steep for what you got.

Instead of calling the day wasted on a drive to a themepark, we decided to go find the big temple in Nikko. We found it and parked in a restaurant lot hoping we wouldn't get towed. The temples were called Rinno-ji and Toshogu, and make up the Nikko World Heritage site. It was really nice. My brother had been here before and was trying to find the statue of the hear-noevil, see-no-evil, speak-no-evil monkies, but we came to the conclusion that they were behind the part that had closed for the day. We walked around for abit looking at the huge things of sake that were donations to the gods (if I remember correctly) and other things, we headed back to the car.

While driving out, we saw a sign for the Nikko Brewing Company. We tried to find it for a bit, but couldn't so we tookt he trek back to Mito. I feel asleep for most of the trip, which was nice, but would later wreck havoc on my sleep that night.

On the way back, we once again to the Uchihara Aeon mall, but this time we came for dinner. We had Okonomiyaki. I had had this when I was there for Jason's wedding in February, and I'm a big fan. Definitely of putting ice cubes on the griddle! Aki wanted to do some shopping, so while she did, we walked around abit and bought some stuff at the Jusco there.

Once back in Mito, we played some more Excite Truck and then they went to bed. I was now not tired, and wouldn't be the rest of the night. Jet lag plus sleeping on a 3 hour car ride does not mix. I played the wii until the odd hours of the morning, yay day #2 in Japan!

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photo by: Shakar81