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As is always the case when I have gone to Japan, I arrived at Tokyo's Narita airport. From here, I called up my brother to let him know I was in country. I then purchased my ticket on the Roseliner up to Mito. It is a bus service that runs through Mito and drops me off at the central train station. While I was waiting for the bus to arrive, I talked to a few people at the bus stop at the airport. I was surprised at how confused people were over the working of a bus stop, but I am sure I was that way when I first started traveling. Still am probably. I also talked to a lady who was in Japan for the first time visiting a girl she had had as an exchange student.

The bus finally came and the ride was uneventful which is good. I met up with my brother at the train station and we drove back to his new apartment, which I had not seen before. It was definitely bigger than his previous apartment by about tripple. We hung out for a bit then we all went out to Kura Sushi for my favorite of all Japanese dishes. Conveyor belt sushi!!!!!!! So cheap! So tasty! So awesome!

After dinner, we drove to a store called Don Quixote. It was like a Japanese version of Spencers, and was just full of random things. Not really my type of store haha. Next up was the Aeon Mall in Uchihara. I tried to find some stuff for the lasagna that I would be cooking on Sunday, but to no avail. The mall was closing so we left and headed back towards home. Once there, we just played some Excite Truck on Wii for a bed, then hit the sack.

jl_ghs316 says:
Haha, yep thats the one! My brother and his wife like it because it's a little cheaper than the other sushi place, plus its better, plus Aki likes it bc she can win things although she never does supposedly. She won a phone trinket whenever we were there. It only took us like 15 plates!
Posted on: Nov 21, 2009
yasuyo says:
Kura-sushi is nice one:) Were you put on dishes in game machine?
Posted on: Nov 21, 2009
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photo by: ErinPatty