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Maurice Bishop International Airport

The flight was fairly empty, I was a week before the peak season was to begin anyway.... I was feeling very sleepy for some reason and slept for the most part of the flight. I had a sandwich with me which I ate right before landing. It was pitch dark so no beachy islandy landing for me. All I could see was a bit of lights, a bit of clouds, and the land seemed to come a lot faster than I imagined. The airport is so tiny. Really tiny.

Immigration was a breeze, the weather seemed gorgeous although a bit muggy, and I got done within 15 minutes of landing. There were Spice Isle hoardings all over. I could easily hail a taxi to get to the hotel. The airport looked so dark outside. I had people yelling "taxi sir?" but I really didn't know what to do.

View of the airport from outside
A policewoman was around and i had to withdraw money. So whilst asking her where the ATM was, I asked her for a taxi, there was a man standing next to her and he said he'd take me. Very friendly person, offered me his business card before I even got in should I need to do sightseeing for the rest of the trip.

The ride to the hotel, albeit short (15 mins) reminded me a lot of India. The roads have the same separations as they do in India with plants being grown in the middle. Lots of colourful billboards, haphazard arrangments of stores and hoardings, etc.... I reached the hotel by 9pm, checkin was a breeze and I liked my room - value for money. Plus they had a small fridge.

Went for dinner that night to Sapphire Bar and Rsnt. Food was excellent, and I had a very friendly hostess.

Sapphire Rsnt and Bar located in the Allamanda Hotel
The resnt seemed empty, so much so that I thought it had closed. But looks like business is a bit slow? Based on the interactions I had here so far, looks like it's a really informal place. Everyone seems really friendly, and very casual (for lack of a better word). I was surprised @ how the owner just sat next to me and started chatting, within minutes we knew each other's religion, marital status, place of birth and current residence, etc etc. Having lived in America for so long, I did find it a bit odd at first, maybe it was the jetlag that was making me do all this talking... ;-) but as I realised over the next few days, that's the Grenadian spirit - everyone is genuinely friendly and I had started to feel safe and at home already.

I went to bed around midnight I think. Grenada is on AST, that's 2 hours ahead of CST so I wasn't really feeling sleepy. Watched some BBC World News (the Environmental summit in Copenhagen was the big thing) and slept. Oh, my tune for this trip is looking to be Owl City's "Fireflies". I had it on repeat from Miami to Grenada and this song has become the signature tune of the trip!

Kliffy says:
Its really a effort coz u do a great job..keep it up ..
Posted on: Jun 18, 2010
Vikram says:
Thanks Yanti dear! :) Yep, I enjoy writing and usually get it done after dinner. I type fast, so no problem.
Posted on: Dec 14, 2009
YantiSoeparno says:
I am still wondering when you write all of your blogs. It looks like a journal to me. I thought that you are very busy... but you have time to write ;-)
I feel that I was there with you ;-)
Posted on: Dec 14, 2009
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Maurice Bishop International Airpo…
Maurice Bishop International Airp…
View of the airport from outside
View of the airport from outside
Sapphire Rsnt and Bar located in t…
Sapphire Rsnt and Bar located in …