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I have discovered that Santiago is more similar to a United States city than Buenos Aires is.  In fact if I had to compare Santiago to one city in the United States I would have to compare it to Atlanta.  I would compare Santiago to Atlanta based mainly on the architecture.  In the limited areas of the city that I walked around I noticed more modern architecture along with shops that were dispersed instead of all clustered tightly together.  Also, the Subway in Santiago reminded me of MARTA because someone told us that only certain people use it and it is inefficient.  On another note, Santiago did not seem as walker friendly as Buenos Aires and this reminded me of Atlanta in comparison to other U.S. cities.  Santiago also reminded me of the United States because of the Starbucks, Subway, KFC, McDonalds, and Pizza Hut that I noticed.  Another interesting thing I noticed on one street in Santiago was that several restaurants were named after U.S. states including Alabama, Louisiana, and Kentucky.  Ironically we ate at Louisiana and it reminded me nothing of Louisiana or the United States.  Buenos Aires is more similar to a European city with older architecture with various European influences.  Also, the only U.S. fast food I have noticed in Buenos Aires has been McDonalds and McDonalds does not count because it is everywhere.  The Santiago Subway was the first Subway I have ever noticed outside the States.  However, if I had to compare Buenos Aires to a U.S. city I would compare it to New York City.  I love Atlanta but I would pick New York City over Atlanta any day. 

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photo by: Bluetraveler