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A dog’s life in Argentina, Chile, and Brazil is very different from a dog’s life in the United States.  While observing dogs in Argentina, Chile, and Brazil I noticed that they have a lot more freedom than dogs in the United States.  I think the greater freedom has had a positive impact on the dogs and how they interact with humans.  Stray dogs and owned dogs alike seem to have very good relationships with people.  Most dogs have no need to be put on a leash because they are not going to run off.  The dogs do not run down the street like they just broke out of jail barking at everyone and tearing up flowerbeds.  In the United States most dogs go crazy when they escape from their homes because they lack freedom and this is one of the reasons for animal control.  I have come to the conclusion that it is better to let dogs have more freedom and they will be better behaved.  The only downside to letting dogs have more freedom is the large amounts of poop you will find on the sidewalks.  I know at least five out of sixteen people that have fallen victim to poop on the shoe.  After a couple weeks though you get use to looking at the ground as you walk.  Another thing I love is how the people down here treat their dogs like people.  Almost every single dog wears a sweater in the winter.  As a closing note the dogs down here also seem to be much smarter than those back home.  If you saw a dog make his way onto the train you would agree too.    

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