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Yesterday as I was wondering around Buenos Aires I found myself in the center of several protests at the Plaza de Mayo.  Several police officers lined the streets as people marched in a circle and blanks were fired into the air.  From what I could gather most of the protests were about hunger being a crime.  One banner read “En hombre es un crimen.”  One group marched from Northern Argentina going from city to city to protest against hunger.  Also one of the protest leaders was recently announced, “disappeared” and there were people rallying for answers and justice for his disappearance.  I would have learned more from this experience if I had a better understanding of Spanish and could really absorb everything being said around me.

  Friday’s protests were only a few of several that happen outside the pink presidential building.  In Argentina there is less faith in the government compared with the United States due to its history.  For example, in the last thirty years a military junta has displaced thousands of persons and the economy hit rock bottom in 2001.  It seems that in Argentina the people affected by decisions made by the government are out there protesting for their own well being while in the United States the protestors are mainly activist rallying for others.  I have also made the observation that it is very easy to begin a protest in the Plaza de Mayo based on the frequency at which they occur.  It seems that the only rule is for the protestors to remain behind a barricade in order to ensure that they do not get too close to the office of the president.  In the United States there are far more rules and regulations for protests.           

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