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Buenos Aires is a city full of lust.  Every corner you turn, there is something new that meets your eye.  The most dramatic site that caught my eyes when I first arrived were all of the billboards full of lingerie clad women.  Being from the United States, there are lingerie ads, but they are few and far between.  Often generating problems from organizations demanding the ads be banned.  At first, I will say it took me back a little, especially the ads with little girls in lingerie!  (not women's lingerie, but what is appropriate for little girls).  It made me think about how the US tends to downplay sensuality.  We are taught as a society that certain things shouldn't be seen in public, or they are bad.  However, Argentines celebrate the body, love, and everything in between.  I feel as a society, the US sees sex as bad, and that it makes you dirty.  Many people would disagree with me, stating that television shows sex all the time as do magazines and other forms of media.  One of the main reasons the media chooses to use sex and related items is because of the scandal, which then helps them gain an audience.  Once again, the US seeing sex as bad.  Down here, it is not scandalous and the billboards prove that.  Along with the billboards are the stores...selling every kind of lingerie you could think of.  So, the Argentine women are also very in touch with their sensual sides as well.  I think the US needs a breathe of good air, and by that I mean learn to adapt the Argentine view of celebrating the body, sex, and most!
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