Europe 2009

 By wilber85

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The Summary

I went traveling around europe for a couple of months in January 2009. I did 1 month traveling around europe using the interail pass and spent 1 month on the costa del sol in spain.

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December 31st, 2008Paris, France
January 2nd, 2009Brussels, Belgium
January 4th, 2009Amsterdam, Netherlands
January 6th, 2009Stuttgart, Germany
January 7th, 2009Nurnberg, Germany
January 9th, 2009Prague, Czech Republic
January 12th, 2009Krakow, Poland
January 14th, 2009Vienna, Austria
January 16th, 2009Budapest, Hungary
January 19th, 2009Zagreb, Croatia
January 20th, 2009Bled, Slovenia
January 22nd, 2009Munich, Germany
January 23rd, 2009Bern, Switzerland
January 24th, 2009Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland
January 26th, 2009Verona, Italy
January 28th, 2009Rome, Italy
January 30th, 2009Barcelona, Spain
January 31st, 2009Malaga, Spain
February 7th, 2009Fuengirola, Spain
March 7th, 2009London, England