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The place where they were going to burry my body.. but I outsmarted them!!

So after a lovely brunch the three of us were on our way, through the desert to Southern California.  Of course for the first 30 minutes or so we doing the normal chit chat kinda thing jsut to break the ice.  I kept hearing Angel in the back seat making these creepy laughing noises but I tried to ignore it.  And then.. all of a sudden, Angel blurts out "I want your kidney.. give it to me!!!!"   Mark begins to put his head in his hands and tells Angel to shup up.  Angel proceeds to tell me that her and Mark were broke and that they devised a plan to take my kidney and sell it on the black market.  Oh my gosh!! This explains everything.  I couldn't say that I really was shocked.  My instincts told me something was really wrong with them but I'm a big enough man to fight for myself.  I graciously declined to give them one of my vital organsa and instead offered up a few financial tips to satisfy their needs. 

Over the next 5 hours we began to have some great conversations and plenty of laughs about random things.  Before I knew it, the sun was setting and we were in California!!

**Disclaimer.. please don't think that I am serious about the whole "them being freaks and wanting my kidney".. haha.. we just had such a good time and this was a story we came up with.  Mark and Angel are too very cool people and I can't wait to see them again.. Thanks TB for the opportunity to meet some great people!!!! :)**

Jelly says:
xx.... I still want your kidney!! lol
Posted on: Nov 20, 2009
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The place where they were going to…
The place where they were going t…
Angels beautiful home :)
Angel's beautiful home :)
photo by: hightide