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My favorite saying of the weekend (brought to you by Harriet) "I'll kill you and make it look like an accident!!"

I woke up at 8:30 this morning.. not sure but for some reason whenever I drink a lot the night before.. I can never seem to sleep more than 5 or 6 hours..  that of course doesn't help when your body is screaming for hydration!!  So.. I got up, took a shower and got myself ready.  Around 9 o'clock I got a txt from Angel asking me if I wanted to meet for coffee at Starbucks.  I figured this would be my last chance before our road trip to figure out if she was a freak or not.  I gladly accepted, packed my knife and mase (just in case) and made my way over to her hotel.  I arrived and after a few minutes she came downstairs.  Now Angel must really know how to play the game.  She met me in the lobby looking very pretty with her hair all done up and wearing some nice clothes.

. I of course complimented her because I didn't want her to think that I was thinking that she was weird (I know how to play the game too!!).  We went to the hotel garage to  put our bags in Mark's car and I was putting my suitcase in the trunk I could have sworn that I saw a rope and duct tape.. but Angel slammed the trunk down too quickly before I could really get a look. 

We soon found ourselves walking to the Starbucks in town so that we could hang out a little before meeting some other TBs for brunch.  We walked in to find Harriet and Matt already there enjoying some time on the computer.  Soon after Mark showed up and we all got to talking.  Before we knew it, it was time to go to brunch.  I road with Mark and Angel (to get a preview) over to a place called Oil and Ivy.

  There ended up being a handful of TBs which in some ways was nice.  We had a really delicious breakfast/lunch filled with great conversations and lots of laughs.. oh except when Angel tried to take my arm off because I made a joke about having pesto in my veins.  I literally had my hand in my pocket waiting to pull the mase out.. but luckily she backed down.. I think because she knew we were in a public place and she didn't want to get in trouble.

With the meal over and us needing to get on the road we all said our goodbyes and Mark, Angel and I got in the car and began our journey through the desert to California.

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My favorite saying of the weekend …
My favorite saying of the weekend…
Thats how I roll!!
That's how I roll!!
Daniel, Harriet and I getting read…
Daniel, Harriet and I getting rea…
photo by: Amanda