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Matt, Harriet and I at the Saddle Ranch!!

I finally made it to Phoenix in one piece..  well.. almost..  I was so tired on the flight from Denver to Phoenix that I slept the whole way and woke up about 5 minutes before landing..  with a lovely pile of drool coming out of my open mouth (I bet all the other 1st class pax loved that!!).  When we arrived at PHX the sun was shining and I knew the weather was much warmer than back home.  After waiting literally half an hour for my bag, I was went outside and met Harriet (Africancrab) and Matt who were there to pick me up.  I found out that just about EVERYONE from the meetup decided to go to Sedona on a day trip and only a couple of people stayed behind to chill out.

I saw some tragic rides on that mechanical bull!!
  Good thing too because little did we know, everyone who went to Sedona came back really late due to traffic.  I was a little bummed that this Angel girl wasn't around for me to meet her..  She gave me her number a couple of weeks before and I tried calling and texting her numerous times to figure out our plan for Cali but I ended up realising that she gave me the wrong number (Red flag #2!!).  None the less, Harriet Matt and I got in the car and drove to our lovely hotel to have a late lunch/snack.  We sat at the hotel bar and talked and shared stories and laughed about a lot of stuff.  I was so glad to finally meet Harriet..  we had missed each other a couple of meetups before and if you are a die hard TB addict.. you know that she has many blogs and reviews and he face is everywhere!!!  So.
I swear... she laughed all night.. but then again so did I!!
.  it was another TB A-Lister that I crossed off my "people to meet" list!!. 

After our light meal we all separated and went to go get ready because it was time for the meetup to begin (officially).  We walked over to a place called the Saddle Ranch at 5:30.  It was a big bar/restaurant that had a lot of tvs with the important games/matches on and a mechanical bull for anyone who wished to "take a ride!".  So as I had said before, the majority of people went to Sedona and got stuck in traffic.  We were getting a report from them every half and hour or so letting us know there ETA.  Harriet, Matt and I of course had a couple of drinks and waited for some people to show.  Over the next 5 hours people began to trickle in, more drinks began to be cosumed, and of course food was eaten!!  We had a great time getting to know everyone who was able to make it.

  I think about 20 or so people showed up (and this is without the 20 or so that were still in Sedona) and we were having a blast. 

I think sometime around 10:30 we all decided to go dancing (and continue the party) so we went to a place called the Martini Ranch (does everything here end in Ranch??).  Eventually the majority of us had a drink in our hand and were on the dance floor enjoying the evening.  Sometime around 11:30 or 12am the whole gang who had been stuck in traffic showed up  (Oh my god.. finally!!!!).  In this group were a few friends that I had met at previous meetups and a whole lot of people I've been wanting to meet for ages!.  I finally got to meet Melanie (Mellemel8).. She is another TB who I've missed a few times at meetups so it was finally nice to meet her.

  At this point I was finally able to meet face to face with Angel and Mark..  I was glad to at least be able to see them in person especially since I was supposed to be in a car with them not even 12 hours from now.  Angel seemed sweet and Mark seemed cool but I was wondering if there wasn't something quite right with them.  I let Angel know that she had given me the wrong number and she played it off as that she sometimes is a bad typer and must have mis-typed one number.  My judgement wasn't quite what it should have been (due to the numerous beers, shots and other various beverages) so I just said everything was ok.  She smiled and thanked me for being understanding but I knew that there was something a little more to the situation.

Maybe sometime around 2:30am (who really knows what time it was.

. I certainly don't!!), people began to leave and soon we were all walking back to our respective hotels.  I was the only one staying at the Marriott so we went there first and I said my goodbyes to everyone.. especially to those who I would not see in the morning.  I said goodnight to Mark and Angel and I swear I hear Angel say "we've got him right where we want him"..  but alas.. the alcohol was taking over and she could've told me she was the Queen of England I could've cared less. 

I soon found myself horizontal/vertical (I couldn't figure out how to work the bed that came down from the wall so I slept at a 50 degree angle all night) and was off to sleep.  zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Africancrab says:
LMAO too, ha-ha. Great blog btw I'm so glad you made it, you are much fun.
Posted on: Dec 14, 2009
Jelly says:
lmao!! I was talking so much trash when you were texting everyone in the Sedona group but me!! hahaha
Posted on: Nov 21, 2009
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Matt, Harriet and I at the Saddle …
Matt, Harriet and I at the Saddle…
I saw some tragic rides on that me…
I saw some tragic rides on that m…
I swear...  she laughed all night.…
I swear... she laughed all night…
The beginnings of a great night :)
The beginnings of a great night :)
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Sue and I!!!!
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Lola and I!!!
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Can I help you?? :)
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