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What time is it?..  4:30am?....  And why did I decide yet again to book a flight for this early in the morning?  Oh well.. it's all for fun right?  This morning I started my journey westward to attend the "Aloha Keith Meetup" in Phoenix.  Keith from Hawaii was planning on coming through so in typical TB fashion, a meetup was arranged for the whole weekend to welcome him.  Officially the meetup started today (Saturday), but after I bought my ticket, it appeared that a lot of people were coming in on the Friday night to get the party started!I had just returned to weeks ago from a 15 day business trip in Asia and really had no desire to get back on a plane, but there were so many awesome people going that I just couldn't pass up the opportunity.  My original plans were just to fly out to Phoenix on Saturday, go to the meetup, sleep and then fly back to the east coast on Sunday morning... crazy huh?...  (If you know me then this is no surprise, I tend to do this a lot since it's so much fun!!).  After I had been on the forums for a couple of weeks deciding if I wanted to go, I got a strange message from a girl named Angel (aka Jelly).  She and another guy Mark (koticphreak) were coming in from California for the meetup and suggested that instead of me flying back to Virginia on Sunday morning, I road trip back to So Cal on Sunday afternoon, spend the night and then fly back on Monday.  I thought that this request was a bit strange since I had never met either of them before I thought "What the hell.. I'll do it"...  (Little did I know that this could have potentially been a life-ending decision).

So with having to work all day (yesterday), driving 2 hours to my parents house, and drinking a seriously strong energy drink (bad idea) I ended up not sleeping one bit.  I literally could not fall asleep.  The agonizing tossing and turning in my bed went on for what seemed like hours until finally my alarm went off.  It was time to get out of bed, take a shower, and head to the airport for my 7am flight.  Before I knew it I was settled into my 1st class seat (I had tons of upgrades so I decided to make the journey a little more comfortable for myself), drinking coffee and waiting to take off. First stop.. Chicago O'Hare!

Aussieusa82 says:
I am too!! I had a great time!!
Posted on: Nov 20, 2009
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