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Gotta love the blanket in my cheapy room
To get to Laos, I took the 2:40pm Air Asia flight from Phuket to Udon Thani that I had purchased for about 1,300 baht. I was a bit nervous about the logistics of getting across the border and into Vientiane. My worries ended up being unfounded, however, as the process was easy, with a little help from a French guy from Martinique named Si who had done the trip before.

We landed in Udon Thani just after 4:30pm and by 7pm I was checked into the Saylomyen Guesthouse. I hadn't booked anything so me and the other tag along (A french guy from Paris) followed Si to a place he'd stayed at before. For 250 baht for the night I had my own room and bathroom. I wouldn't call it luxury accommodation by no means, as my "window" wasn't real so there was no light coming in, and the room smelled slightly of urine.
Fish still alive waiting to be cooked at the river side eateries
But ah well, we had arrived in the dark and I wasn't about to set off in search of something better, and the price was right.

I was planning on getting something to eat and going to bed early, but Si insisted we walk down to the riverside and find something to eat there. We ended up at the riverside at what Lonely Planet calls the "river front food and drink vendors", which are tents and tables and chairs set on packed dirt next to the river and the food is prepared on small carts near the tables. Walking along the carts to decide which one to order from, most of them had buckets of water with live fish in them. I didn't order fish, but it would have been extremely fresh! Luckily we had chosen a table under the tents because it started pouring down raining.
Looking down at where we ate dinner
For 25,000 kip (about 100 baht or $3.50) I had vegetable fried rice and a large bottle (about the equivalent of two beers) of BeerLao.

After dining riverside, we went to a bar/restaurant across the street, that played an interesting mix of the Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd and Snoop Dogg. I hadn't really been in a proper westerner bar before and found there was an alarmingly large number of alarmingly large men surrounded by young Laos ladies. A bit disturbing, but the highlight had to be what looked like a father and son with four ladies. It's not how I think a father and son should bond, but to each his own. At the bar you could order a 3L "dispenser" of BeerLao which you pour as needed from the side of your table. This costs 50,000 kip or just under $6. And from my experience last night, it's not only cheap but really good.

By this time I was getting tired but I didn't know how to get home so I was convinced to continue on to the next bar, which was more of a crowded pub where I only saw one other white female. It was mostly old men or Lao men with young Lao women. By this time, the boys didn't seem like they were going to leave and one of them gave me a business card he had taken from reception so I was on my way to sleep in my prison cell room.

All night I heard weird noises and it was freaking me out a bit and decided that I would leave for Veng Vieng the next day.
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Gotta love the blanket in my cheap…
Gotta love the blanket in my chea…
Fish still alive waiting to be coo…
Fish still alive waiting to be co…
Looking down at where we ate dinner
Looking down at where we ate dinner
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