Three taxis, two ferries and two buses and 13 hours later we arrived in Koh Phi Phi

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Today was the travel day that I was dreaded from the start of the trip. For one, it meant we were going to be leaving Koh Phag nan, and second, we were going to spend 12 hours (hopefully) getting to our next destination.


The day started with a 4am wake up followed by a 20 minute taxi ride to the ferry terminal and a 2 and a half hour ferry ride to Don Sak. We hadn't pre-booked transport to Surat Thani, but there was a private bus there to pick up several others so we purchased tickets on the bus for 100 baht each. Our taxi ride had been 1,500 four days earlier for the same ride. The bus looked nice from the outside but was very run down on the inside. We were the last to board and were stuck with the bench seat in the back. Going to sit down, Dave's foot almost went through the floor to the engine because part of the floor was missing. Everytime the make-shift cover moved, the bus reeked of exhaust fumes. It made for a very smelly and uncomfortable hour and a half long bus ride.


Arriving in Surat Thani, we tried to find the government bus station. I had read that we should take a government bus as opposed to a private bus that could take many hours longer than they say it would and they are known to have mysterious breakdowns in front of restaurants and shops affliated with the company. Our private bus from Don Sak dropped us off at one of the dozens of travel agencies in the town. We asked for the bus station and they pointed into their shop. So we walked down the street and a taxi driver asked us if we were looking for the bus. We told him we were and Dave showed him the name of the station. He agreed, drove us around and dropped us off at another travel agency. We must have asked another 5 people where the government bus station was and we were pointed in various directions including the front of a woman's restaurant. Giving up, we went with a bus that said it would take 3 hours to Krabi.


The bus left at 10:45 and we arrived in Krabi just before 2:30. The bus stopped and picked people up all along the route and even stopped to drop off packages on the side of the road. I was expecting the bus to go straight to Krabi. Ah well, we had time until the ferry was to leave at 3:00pm. The bus dropped us off in the middle of no where, down a long, dirt road with no options to leave without using one of their affiliated travel services. We ended up booking ferry tickets to Phi Phi for 450 baht each. I'm still not sure if we were ripped off or not but they would drive us there and we didn't have any other options.


We made it to the ferry station with time to spare and then the ferry ended up leaving over a half hour late. It seemed to be filled with 18-22 year olds, and i was starting to wonder what we got ourselves into going to this island. An hour and a half later we arrived at the Phi Phi Pier.


We didn't have accommodation so we spoke to the first accommodation tout we could find and settled for paying 2,400 baht a night for a deluxe bungalow in the Don Sai Beach area. It's a close walk to the shops in the town but only a minute walk to the beach.


In the evening we had dinner along the beach and I ended up drinking two many Changs. The 6.5% alcohol was not a good idea on little sleep and I soon made a friend with our deluxe room's garbage can. I doubt I'll be drinking again for awhile :)

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