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I would just like to start by saying as I'm writing this, I'm laying in a hammock on the deck of my wooden bungalow, with a view of the waves gently crashing against the beach and it's a bright sunny day and more than 30 degrees.

Yes, life is sweet.

This morning we moved into the bungalow, which is quite a massive step up from the other place, considering it only costs about A$8 more a night.

We decided to walk to the nearest town, which we were told is about an hour and a half away and with promises that we would see "monkeys and lots of them". Within 10 seconds of being on the road we saw three monkeys. They're pretty quick though and I didn't get a picture. About 10 minutes later we saw a group of monkeys on the front porch of a house.

The walk was mostly trees with a small group of houses and then more trees. The walk was hot and we were very happy to arrive in the town. We walked down to the jetty, which seemed to be the hub of activity in the town. We walked to a "restaurant", which had a sign that read "food sprite fanta" and thought that would be just fine. After some miscommunication about what to order (there were no menus, at least not in English), Anton simply order pad thai, which she seemed to understand.

On the way back to the resort, we thought it would be fun to get a ride with someone in their motorcycle side cart. We couldn't find anyone so we eventualy walked into a little shop that had one of the bikes outside and asked for a "taxi". After a bit of misunderstanding, one girl said "no chauffer". I thought it was weird that, that would be the word she would know. So we started walking down the road and then someone was shouting at us. From what we understood, they woke up a man living in the house across the street and he offered to drive us for 100 bhat (about A$2.50). It appeared that the "taxi" was out of petrol, so he produced a pop bottle, sniffed it (to make sure it was petrol??) and then filled up his tank. The little cart was not comfortable, especially over the many bumps on the dirt road and I was holding onto the railing for dear liffe, but it was much more fun than walking all the way back, and much more of an experience! :)

Shortly after writing this I feel asleep in the hammock for almost two hours ...

In the evening we downed a couple Changs and played card games. The Scotish version of Rummy is almost identical but their version of Crazy Eights (or Switch as it were) is completely different with lots more random rules, like you can't go out on a trick card. That one got me several times since I couldn't remember which ones were trick cards and which ones weren't. The Changs didn't help me in remembering. Good fun though and a nice diversion since there's not much to do here in the evenings.

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Koh Lanta
photo by: Mezmerized