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To get to Railey it took three boats and a taxi but we arrived before lunch. Our resort's boat brought us out to the ferry, which brought us back to Krabi. We weren't sure how to get to Railey, but I've soon discovered that everything is pretty easy in Thailand. A man was on the boat asking everyone where they were going and when we told him Railey, he said "taxi then boat 250 baht each". We told him we'd think about it. After consulting the Lonely Planet guide, it looked like the boat was 150 baht and we could get a taxi for about 50 baht. After not responding to him for 10 minutes or so, he came back and said 200 baht. Sold.

Once we were off the boat we drove to An nong's "ferry terminal". It was basically a small covering where you wait for other passengers to arrive and then a rocky / sandy path to where the boats were.

The hike up to the view point
There's no jetty, so we had to wade out into knee deep water. From An nong the long tail boat ride's about 15 minutes.

Entering into the bay on the east side of Railey, the town is circled by giant limestone cliffs, which make for a very lovely entrance to the city. We didn't have accommodation and we assumed there would be people trying to get you to stay at their resort. That wasn't the case, but we walked along Railey East and came upon Diamond Cave resort. After seeing the pool (with limestone rock face directly behind it), and the room (A/C what a treat after 3 days without it!) and a shower that was more powerful than a mild trickle, we took the room for 1,200 baht. Quite a step up from the 500 baht we paid for the wooden bungalow the night before!

Railey is known for it's rock climbing and it's gorgeous beach on the west side.
After strolling the soft, white sandy west side beach, we went in search of the look out point. Finding what seemed to be somewhat of a path, we started the vertical trek. We kept coming across rock climbers so at least it would be tough to get lost. After getting pretty high up and not seeing any obvious way to continue upward, and having no water in the 30+ and very humid weather, after checking out the view, we decided to go back down. We took a different way down but magically came across where we had been earlier and made it out of the jungle injury free and covered from head to toe in sweat.

After a food and drink break, we decided to tackle the other view point and lagoon, accessed from the east side of Railey. Talking to a few people at the bottom, they said it was steep, but manageable but the lagoon portion was a vertical drop that was challenging.
Limestone cliff hanging over the beach
Meh, it couldn't be THAT bad.

The climb to the lagoon turnoff, which made me feel like a very amateur rock climber, was a lot of fun. We started for the lagoon but then came across the "drop". It was a 10ish foot drop that you needed to use a rope to lower yourself down,a nd of course pull yourself back up with on the way back up. Seeing as the mud was slippery and there was another bit like it to get down to the lagoon, and not wanting to break my neck, I opted not to go on. Two French girls decided to try it, wearing flip flops. I'm assuming they were ok, we didn't stay to find out (there were a few others still there when we left).

Therest of the way to the look out was refreshingly easy and the view was amazing. You stand on the edge of the cliff and see the town with the bays on each side surrounded by limestone cliffs and amazingly turquoise water.
It was well worth the climb and the resulting profuse sweating.

After the climb, we had a well deserved break in the pool and then a swim on the west side beach and another beautiful sunset. (They don't get old).

Seeing as it was Anton's last night in Thailand, we thought we'd make the most of it. At the beginning of the night I had the grand plan to wake up at 6am for the sunrise. Well after a couple Changs, some hot dog pizza (surprisingly not too bad) and a few cocktails, the early morning wake up was called off.

A couple drinks in, we were in a bar which starred the Thai version of Bob Dylan (he sounded soooo much like him), doing an acoustic show. He mentioned singing "The Summer of 69" by Bryan Adams and asked if anyone wanted to get up and sing with him.
I offered, of course, but then found out he didn't know the words so I'd be singing it by myself. Slightly embarrassing in front of about 25 people, but rather fun, it made for a good laugh and a funny video.

Anton came up with the idea that he wanted to go swimming because he'd never drank then hopped in the ocean. Being the seasoned veteran that I am, I said "why not" and off we went, along with a couple more bottles of Chang.

I woke up this morning with a bunch of wet clothes and a vague recollection of someone walking by, complimenting our fabulous swimming. It was definitely a fine send off, and I have the hangover to prove it!

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The hike up to the view point
The hike up to the view point
Limestone cliff hanging over the b…
Limestone cliff hanging over the …
photo by: forevert2