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When I had read that there's a town on the way to Ayutthaya that is famous for its resident monkeys, I knew I had to make a pit stop. The town itself isn't very touristy, with only a handful of places to stay and very few restaurants with English menus. There are also a dozen or so wats and ruins to check out as well, but my main interest was the monkeys.

I arrived in the evening and walked along the night market that only occurs on Wednesday (lucky for me it was Wednesday). It was mostly clothes and I almost bought a couple of the weird t-shirts. Also in town that week is the town carnival, though I was too tired to go check it out.

Along the main ruins with the monkeys, there were many people selling food from carts.
I tried something that looked like a flat fortune cookie with white stuff on it that turned out to be something like marshmellows ... not too bad. I was disappointed that the only monkey I saw was on a "beware of monkeys" sign.

I decided to stay at Noom's Guesthouse, which was recommended by Lonely Planet. The room (for 120 baht) was a shared room and was very noisy. The guesthouse is next to a main street from the train station and I heard everything that was going on outside. There's a decent restaurant attached to it and free wifi, which was nice.

After a non-restful sleep, I went for a walk around the town to check out the ruins. Unfortunately my SLR camera doesn't seem to be wanting to work so I had to use my point and shoot. Besides a giant buddha across the river, the ruins weren't overly exciting, other than the one COVERED in monkeys.
When I got near the ruins, there were already monkeys crawling up telephone poles, inside and outside of vehicles, all over the slope leading from the road to the ruins and then of course all over the ruins. There must be at least 300 monkeys in the area.

The entrance fee is 50 baht and for 10 baht you can buy food to feed the monkeys. I didn't buy any but I watched other people feed them and the monkeys would attack each other for it. I saw baby monkeys attached to mother monkeys, monkeys having sex, monkeys fighting each other and monkeys picking things off each other. I stopped to take a picture and a baby monkey started crawling up my leg. I also decided to use the self timing function on my camera. By the time the picture was taken 10 seconds later, I had one monkey jumping on my head, another on my arm and a third was trying to steal the camera!!

If you like monkeys and don't mind them surrounding you, I'd suggest stopping by, but I'd make it a short stop instead of staying in the city.
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Lop Buri
photo by: bluemarbletreader