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When we arrived back on land, we weren't exactly sure where we were going and how we were going to get there. The local staff at the dive shop were very helpful and arranged a mini bus for Anton and I to get to Krabi. Once there, we were planning on (hopefully) finding some accommodation.

The drive took about an hour and a half to two hours. If we did the journey "as the crow flies" I bet it would have taken 20 minutes, but due to the climb up a massive mountain and then back down on super windy roads, the drive took much longer.

We made a "toilet stop" and I had to check out the Thai version of a public toilet stop. The squat toilets are basically a toilet bowl in the ground, with treads on either side to stand on while squatting. Then (and I'm only guessing), the locals use the hose and bucket some how to clean themselves off. It doesn't make much sense to me because then you'd be wet as no tissue paper is involved. I personally will continue to carry around napkins :)

Besides passing a truck driven by a kid that looked about 8 years old and could hardly see over the steering wheel, it was a pleasantly uneventful drive.

Arriving in Krabi, we asked to be dropped off at a place we saw in the Lonely Planet book but the driver dropped us off at some random hotel. They had rooms available so we decided to stay there. This was my first experience with Thai TV. There were five channels, four with Thai tv programming and one English based religion channel preaching Christianity.

Thinking Krabi Town was going to be boring, we walked down to the night market to get some food and then head back to the hotel. We weren't sure which cart to buy from but then one lady said "cold beer. Chang beer" and we were sold. After finishing a "Big Chang" each, we decided to go for a stroll. We came across a tourist booking office and went in to ask about Koh Jum or Koh Lanta, with the plan being to suss it out once we were on the ferry. After about 10 minutes we had our transfer to the ferry terminal, ferry and two nights accommodation booked. I'm not sure how it all happened, but hopefully it'll work out!

While at the booking agency, the lady told us there's a week long festival going on in the park down the street. Not really knowing what it was, we walked over. The first thing we saw was a "bar" stall selling martinis. Not knowing what was in them, we ordered a "falling rain" and a "something (can't remember) moon". The music playing in the background was the Thai remix of the theme from Shaft, which was hilarious and very unexpected. After that we walked towards the main stage with singing and dancing, picking up another big beer on the way.

The singing was all in Thai and very high pitched from men and we had no idea what they were singing about. One of the dance acts had one dancer dancing much more provocatively than I would expect at a family show.

After some high quality entertainment, we walked through the massive amounts of stalls selling everything from dried fish, pastries, kiddy pools filled with small fish, clothes, to plastic alligators singing the theme song to Beverly Hills Cop to an Ikea-like store selling plates and and pots and pans.

Further on, there were carnival type games. Anton decided to play a game where you throw a dart at balloons, but didn't win anything. it didn't help that we didn't know the purpose of the game. Moving on, we walked past Thai Bingo, which reminded me of the bingo at our exhibition in Yarmouth, NS. I decided to play a game that appeared much easier. You used a net and picked out a plastic fruit from a kiddy pool filled with water. The attendant then opens the plastic fruit and you get the prize corresponding to that number. I won a plastic back scratcher and Anton won a strawberry, wafer snack thing. I was very impressed with my back scratcher and the fact that it can be used as a weapon.

At the far end was a main stage with girls in very skimpy clothes dancing to random Thai music. By this time, and after all that beer, we needed to find toilets but had no idea what "toilet" was in Thai. Finally, in desperation, we asked one of the beer vendors who motioned to the toilets. Going that way, and still not finding them, we approached a tourism pavilion. The lady motion us to go inside and check it out and I interrupted here saying "where are toilets?", resulting in another interesting toilet experience. Squat toilets with the addition of lots of beer, makes it a bit tough.

After having enough of the fair, we walked back towards our accommodation and stopped into a bar which was had a live band playing. We then listened to the Thai rendition of "Stairway to Heaven" and "Bad Moon Rising". An old guy, (possibly from Denmark) asked me to dance and was soon flinging me around the dance floor. After trying to convince him to join he, his wife, his friend and his much younger Thai girlfriend at their resort on Koh Jum, we decided to call it a night. 

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photo by: forevert2