Funeral procession, cheapy massage and Balinese dancing

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In the morning, we were told that there was a funeral procession to a cemetery, where the body would be cremated. Once the parade began, there were about 40 men who lifted up a giant horse and started bouncing it up and down with a man holding on to dear life on the top of it. This was followed by a group playing instruments, women carrying offerings and then the main "float", which held the body of the deceased man. There were hundreds of people involved in the parade, with a large amount of people following the procession down the street to the cemetery.

Waiting for it all to begin, there were about a dozen women with a couple dozen sarongs piled up on their head trying, sometimes very forcefully, to sell them. There were also men trying to sell souvenirs, which seemed a bit strange, seeing as it was a funeral procession.

After sweating profusely in the hot sun for almost two hours, we decided against the walk to the cemetery and found a nice cafe with a good breeze and free internet.

To kill some time in the afternoon, I decided to go for the cheapest massage I could find at a place called Sara Massage. For 50,000 I had an hour massage. The massage bed was squeaky and noisy and the massage was no where as good as the others I'd had and definitely not relaxing! later in the evening I had pain shooting down my back. So a word from the wise, pay $10 for a massage, not $5!

In the evening me, Heidi and Nancy (a woman originally from Nova Scotia but living in Korea) went to a Balinese dance show that the hotel owner was performing in. The show was incredible with about 70 men in matching costumes sitting in a circle three men deep chanting and singing while the main dancers did their thing in the middle of the circle.
I'm not exactly sure what the story was but the costumes were amazing and the dancing was very good. Near the end, the men all gathered on the stage and a fire made of coconut shells was lit in the middle of the hall. A man walked into the fire and started kicking the burning embers around the room. Two other men pushed the embers back to the center and the man walked through them again and again. It was crazy to watch and he had a big smile on his face right before he'd walk into them. He was collecting donations at the end and we all gave him money. It was pretty impressive if not scary when he kicked the embers in our direction.

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photo by: eddie8498