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The flight to Bali was just over 4 hours and I was finally able to sleep. Arriving in the non-air conditioned Denpasar Airport, I was relieved to finally have the 33 hours of travel time complete and it didn't end up being all that bad. After paying US$10 for a 7-day tourist visa, I stood in line for immigration. Wanting to get to my accommodation and out of the humidity, I was a bit more impatient this time. It didn't help that a few people in front of me took forever to get through, holding up the line. It took about 30 minutes to get though and there were only about 10 people in front of me, which seemed like a long time seeing as everyone has to pay for the visa prior to seeing the immigration officer.

After picking up my bags (yes, they made it from Bangkok as well!!) I found my driver and enjoyed the 20 minute drive to Sanur in air-conditioned comfort. My first impression of Bali is that it's HOT. It doesn't hurt that I came here via a bunch of airports from Calgary, which was about -10 degrees and snowy when I left.

My accommodation for my first night is Prima Cottages. The hotel had lots of good recommendations and my room was cheap by Bali standards (approximately US$20). My room ended up being directly across from the reception desk, being about 10 feet from it so directly off the reception area.

I hadn't slept the night before (which may have felt like the day, I've lost track of what time it "should" be) so I tried to sleep. "Fortunately" the super noisy fan in my room helped drown out the noise from reception. Eventually I feel asleep and woke up 3 hours later in a daze, in the dark. I tried to turn the lights on and they didn't work and it was dark outside. I had heard that Bali experiences occasional blackouts but I wasn't expecting to have one on my first day. Half asleep I scrambled around trying to find my flashlight. I bought it 2 years ago for my Europe trip and always bring it with me in case of situations like these but I've never used it. Despite never using it, the batteries are pretty much dead so it's useless. So I finally need it and it doesn't work!

My accommodation is down a side road off another side road and during a blackout it's, well, black. Fortunately the steady stream of motorcycles missed me and helped to light up my path.

The walk along the main street wasn't too bad as there is a decent sidewalk and most restaurants had candle light or were running generators, lighting up the road. I found a supermarket and selected a restaurant based on the fact it had lights and lots of people in it. My first taste of Indonesian food was an orange / papaya smoothie (soooo good) and Nasa Goreng, which I'm quite sure is pretty much chicken fried rice with a shrimp tasting flavour, covered in a fried egg. It was tasty and the first thing I've had to eat today.

Shortly after eating, the lights came back on on the main street. Unfortunately the side street and the side, side street I'm on, including my hotel, does not have power. The hotel gave me a candle and with that I found my head lamp. It felt a little bit like camping until the power came back on an hour or so later.
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photo by: Mezmerized