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During the first two weeks of my unemployment, the main question I've been asked is "what do you do all day?". Honestly, I can say "not a whole lot". Unemployment, when anticipated, planned for and welcomed, is a fabulous experience (not to be confused with anticipated unemployment with inadequate savings). I thought about it, and I'd never taken vacation time from work and just did nothing and by nothing I mean, no travelling (farther than the 2 minute drive to the beach), no courses and exams, no plane trips, no nothing. Until these blissful two weeks, every vacation day I've taken has been spend going overseas or back to Nova Scotia to see my family.

I've never understood how people could take vacation time and stay at home with no plans. Well I've been converted and fully understand now. For one, it's relaxing. Waking up when you want to, going to the gym in the middle of the day, grocery shopping when no one else is in the shops, it's all blissfully exciting, not to mention, well, relaxing. Instead of getting up at ungodly hours to catch planes, crammed up to some stranger on a subway, living out of suitcase and being unable to drink water from taps, waking up in your own bed and having nothing to do is a very enjoyable experience. I should mention that I was staying a five minute walk to a white sandy beach and the sunny weather averaged 25 - 28 degrees each day, so it was kind of like a holiday without the travelling bit. But I'm sure it's just as fine if it's cold and rainy :)

However, in saying that, there's only so much time you can spend doing nothing. Eventually it would get boring. I should point out that when I left this morning I hadn't reached the point of being bored but I can see how it could happen ...
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photo by: cimtech