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Today has been a very stressful day. We had so much to do before getting to the dive shop. First thing, we had to get up and get breakfast at our accommodation. Then we had to walk around town and find me some knock off sunglasses (I found the sweetest "Ray Bans" for 200 baht or about A$7).

Just when it was starting to get hot, we HAD to go back to the hotel and float around in the pool. By then, it was time to check out and find a restaurant to have lunch.

I decided to be adventurous and order a chicken curry dish even though the waitress confirmed that it was indeed spicy. I thought my mouth was on fire and I had burnt off all my taste buds but I finished it (with the help of the cucumber garnish and my glass of orange juice, followed by a glass of water).

After the big feed, we went to the dive shop to get our equipment sorted out for this evening. It was just about this time when we were really getting stressed out. How would we pick out which Thai massage place to go to?!

It was a tough decision between Thai massage place # 1 (located on a prime piece of beach front) or Thai massage place #2 (located about 100m down the beach from the first place). We decided on the second place (mostly because we were too lazy to walk back to the first place), which is where I experienced my first ever Thai massage.

For anyone who hasn't had one, it's quite a bit different from a regular sports massage. Firstly, you keep your clothes on. Secondly, instead of being on a table off the ground, laying face down in a donut shaped head rest, you're laying on a mat on the floor. I came to find out that this is so the masseuse can bend you in various position and put all her weight on you. Thirdly, I've never had a sports massage while looking out at the beach and hearing the sound of waves breaking. And lastly, this Thai massage cost about A$10 for an hour, compared to $80+.

The massage itself was very relaxing, albeit with a bit of pain mixed in for good measure. The timing worked out well, because about five minutes in, the rain started again and we could hear thunder off in the distance. It reminded me of camping as a kid, sitting inside the camper during a rainstorm, but with a small Thai woman contorting my body into weird positions, but yeah, pretty close to those childhood memories.

About half way through, the rain stopped and was replaced with the sound of rolling waves. I've been to massages where there is a relaxation CD playing, but this time it was the real thing. When she was working my calves, I was thinking to myself "think of your happy place". Which was easy to do, because all I had to do was turn my head to the right.

As great of an experience it was, my fondest memory of the entire day has got to be at the end of the massage, where the masseuses had Anton and I in seated positions. I looked over and it looked like his masseuse had him in a headlock and was wrestling with him. I didn't think the women understood English, but when I told Anton that I thought she was winning, she started laughing. If we go back there for round 2, I'll be putting all my money on the massage chick.
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Khao Lak
photo by: skibabe